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Twitter war erupts with RIPDream causing confusion as Minecraft star responds

Fans and haters have been in a Twitter war over Minecraft speedrunner Dream, with RIPDream and WeLoveYouDream trending.
Twitter war erupts with RIPDream causing confusion as Minecraft star responds

Famous Minecraft speedrunner, Dream, has a massive following on YouTube, with over 14 million subscribers. The Minecraft star, however, found himself in some controversy over a disputed speedrun, going so far as to hire a statistical expert with a PhD degree from Harvard who is a practising astrophysicist for his response.

However, the Minecraft speedrunning mod team rejected this response. Following the drama, fans and haters alike have started a Twitter war with #RIPDream, and #WeLoveYouDream to counter.

Why is #RIPDream trending and is Dream okay?

First off, yes, Dream is okay. The 21-year-old YouTuber and Minecraft star has responded on Twitter, simply stating: "I can't believe Dream died" and following up to note this was sarcastic. 

Dream is very much alive and appears to be finding the whole situation a bit funny. This Twitter war is currently still raging on between haters and fans, with the latter using #WeLoveYouDream to balance things out. 

The original #RIPDream hashtag, therefore, was apparently meant as a joke. Haters then took things to the next level, even editing the Wikipedia page for Dream with the past tense, making it appear as if Dream has passed away. The image below via Twitter user Heister.

Is dream okay RIPDream WeLoveYouDream Dream Minecraft speedrunner YouTube
(Picture: Heister)

On his personal Twitter account, Dream played along a bit, jokingly about his friend and fellow YouTuber "sapnap" by stating: "sapnap is a murderer pass it on #ripdream."

While things escalated a bit quickly with the #RIPDream hashtag, it appears to have all turned out as a fun Twitter war.

However, it is always important to remember events such as this one can turn out worse, and spreading false information on the internet can have much worse outcomes.