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Dream refutes Minecraft speedruning cheating allegations: "I provided everything the mods ever asked for"

Dream finally speaks up after cheating allegations from the Minecraft Java Speedrunning team were released on 12th December.

The YouTuber and Minecraft speedrunner, Clay AKA Dream, clapped back at the team that investigated his speedruns and found them statistically impossible, saying he “provided everything the mods ever asked for.”

Dream took to Twitter once more on the 13th December posting a thread refuting Geosquare’s report that stated Dream did not provide his mod folders evidence, claiming this was "false" and that Geosquare “admitted this and apologized.”

Geosquare is one of the moderators from the Minecraft Java Speedrunning team that deemed Dream’s runs as “illegitimate”. Geosquare not only formed part of the investigation but also posted a 14-minute video to his YouTube channel to “debunk any misinformation," and make the paper's findings more "accessible".

The video has surpassed the half a million view mark in less than 24 hours and has gotten Dream a lot of heat on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube comment sections alike. While fans, stans and haters take their stands in the argument, more content on this feud is to come tomorrow, thanks to YouTuber and DramaAlert host, Daniel “Keemstar” Keem.

Dream concluded his thread with “an act of transparency”, linking a download to his 1.16 19-minute run Minecraft world.

Minecraft dream speedrun drama
(Picture: Mojang)

The download includes his mod folders and logs uploaded “less than 10 minutes after the stream” with “no custom mods” in them.

We will continue to update you as more statements come from either party.