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Mojang announces new Minecraft Dungeons Arcade machines

Several arcade machines for Minecraft Dungeons are already available around North America, during a testing period.
One of the new IPs by Mojang Studios that has given a lot to talk about has been Minecraft Dungeons, the ARPG adventure game based on the Minecraft world, and that recently received a new update, while also celebrating its arrival to 10 million players.

Trying to further experiment with this new experience the creators of Minecraft have tried to offer, Mojang has announced that arcade machines with this title included will be released, developed in collaboration with Play Mechanix.

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade machines: Gameplay details

Being possible to play with up to four players at the same time, this version will have nine levels in total, and each player will only need to focus on three specific actions: Melee, Dodge, and Range.

Minecraft dungeons arcade machines cabinets mojang(Picture: Mojang Studios)

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade will implement a system of collectable cards which will grant certain advantages within the game, thanks to its interaction with NPC technology.

In total, 60 physical cards will be released in the course of the following months, which will take the game a step beyond the typical gaming experiences in this kind of arcade cabinets.

Minecraft dungeons arcade machines cabinets mojang(Picture: Mojang Studios)

Will Carlin, creative director at Play Mechanix, compared both versions of the game: "If you take a step back, you can see the similarities between the two, but when you take a step into [a consumer] game, it's like a waltz.

"An arcade game on the other hand is some kind of super break-dancing speed experience - it's about intensity of the moment, and surviving as long as possible - an intense burst of fun! "


Minecraft dungeons arcade machines cabinets mojang(Picture: Mojang Studios)

At the moment, these arcades have been initially launched in North America, as a test territory in a number of select stores and malls.

However, more are expected to be released for sale on a regular basis throughout the year, as testing and development are completed successfully.