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Minecraft Dungeons Flames of the Nether: Release date, info, price, and more

The dungeon crawler developed by Mojang Studios is about to receive a new batch of content, along with special gifts for reaching 10 million users.
Minecraft Dungeons Flames of the Nether: Release date, info, price, and more

Despite mixed reviews, Minecraft Dungeons, the spinoff title of the iconic Mojang sandbox has been a massive success, with the developers revealing a new DLC: Flames of the Nether.

Let's take a look at everything you need to know about it.

Flames of the Nether: Dates and content update

minecraft dungeons dlc
(Image: Mojang Studios)

Flames of the Nether will be available starting 24th February, taking players on a journey to the blazing heat of the Nether itself. This DLC will include six new missions, featuring familiar biomes with changes that will make them look more challenging than ever.

Additionally, Flames of the Nether will include new types of weapons, armor, and items, along with two new skins and the adorable Baby Ghast pet.

This DLC will bring a major update to the game, which will add a new feature known as Ancient Hunts, which are procedurally-generated end-game missions that weave in and out of the Nether.

minecraft dungeons nether
(Image: Mojang Studios)

Surviving the Ancient Hunts and beating the Ancient mobs, will allow players to have top-tier Gilded gear as a reward. In addition, these missions will allow you to have a chance to get Gold, a new currency that a newly-arrived Piglin merchant in the camps will find very interesting.

Along with this, Mojang also announced changes to Apocalypse Plus, the threat level system within the game, which they will reveal all the details in the coming days.

Minecraft Dungeons: 10 million players gifts

minecraft dungeons nether dlc
(Image: Mojang Studios)

Finally, and to celebrate having reached 10 million players within Minecraft Dungeons in all its available versions, Mojang will distribute a new cape and a pet for all their players from 24th February, which will be added to the inventory when it arrives. the update.

The Flames of the Nether DLC is expected to cost $6, just like the game’s previous DLCs, while the update coming in 15 days will be available completely free.

Sadly, not all Minecraft spinoffs have found success, with Minecraft Earth shutting down in the upcoming months.