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PewDiePie Minecraft account hacked as YouTube star is left confused

Not even PewDiePie is immune to hackers as his Minecraft account got hacked recently, leaving the YouTube superstar stunned.
PewDiePie Minecraft account hacked as YouTube star is left confused

When Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg wanted to upload a new Minecraft video and continue his journey in the Nether, the YouTube superstar was stunned to find out what trolls did to his beloved character. Yes, PewDiePie's Minecraft account got hacked.

PieDiePie Minecraft account hacked

PewDiePie immediately realised his Minecraft character looked different than usual. He proceeded to take off his Minecraft character's armour, to find something shocking underneath.

PewDiePie's Minecraft character skin was now a real-life photo of the famous streamer.

PewDiePie Minecraft account hacked

(Picture: PewDiePie)


As soon as he realised what happened, he started laughing at this troll move from a hacker.

PewDiePie was stunned when he came to the conclusion his Minecraft account got hacked, exclaiming to his pet in game: "No, no! Sven don't look at me. Why!? Who did this? How did this happen? Did someone hack my Minecraft account? Oh no, someone hacked my account!"

PewDiePie confirmed his Minecraft account was indeed hacked, as someone did change his username as well as skin without his permission.

Unfortunately for PewDiePie, he has to wait 29 days to change his nickname in Minecraft. However, things could have been much worse, as the hacker could have deleted his entire account.

It is unlikely at this point PewDiePie would get his original Minecraft name back, as this will likely be taken by another user.