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Polish government is using gaming activities as a method to keep kids at home

As a measure to fight an ongoing outbreak, the Polish government has (among other things) launched a Minecraft server in hopes that it will help in keeping kids busy at their homes, in order to stop the spreading of the virus.
Polish government is using gaming activities as a method to keep kids at home

One of the most vital things in joined forces to fight the outbreak, is to keep people at their homes in order to stop the spreading of the virus. This proves to be hard even with the adults, and especially with young kids who don't scope the seriousness of the current situation and the risks of going out.

In order to give kids something both entertaining and educational to do from their homes, the Polish government started a program called Grarantanna. It is a series of various online activities that are designed to educate kids in fun ways, with stuff like historical quizzes, logic, mathematics and language puzzles, webinars, etc.

What's quite interesting, is that the government is also using gaming in order to educate children while they are at home. They created a series of online RPG sessions, designed around Polish history and literature, which will both teach kids how to play table RPGs, and give them history/literature lessons.

source: www.grarantanna.pl

In addition, yesterday they created a Minecraft server for the purpose of competition amongst Polish school kids. The goal of the competition is to replicate famous real-life buildings. The server is in "creative" mode, which means there are unlimited resources for kids to build whatever they want and however they want.

They have also stared the "Make Video Games" webinar series, prepared by the team of the Lublin GameDev Foundation, where they will teach kids the basics of the game developing, during the six-day period. The goal of this series is for kids to gain knowledge of game design, prototype creation, use of the Unity engine, basics of scripting and many other topics.

And finally, there's a Game Jam online competition for students, which started yesterday and it will last for five days.

Poland is known to be amongst the leading countries of the video game industry, with industry titans like CD Projekt, Techland, 11 Bits Studios, and others, so it is not a surprise to see these innovative methods used in educations. Great job, Poland!