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Tubbo wins MrBeast's $100,000 Minecraft challenge

Minecraft streamer Tubbo has apparently won the whole $100,000 Minecraft gift card challenge set by MrBeast.
Tubbo wins MrBeast's $100,000 Minecraft challenge

With his latest crazy challenge, YouTube superstar Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has prepared a special surprise for Minecraft fans.

On 28th December, MrBeast hid $100,000 worth of gift cards on the DreamSMP Minecraft server for skilful players to find them, expecting the challenge to last for at least some time and a lot of players to win gift cards, but the competition came to conclusion much sooner than everyone expected.

mrbeast minecraft challenge
(Picture: MrBeast)

Over twenty gift cards were scattered around the server but it appears that one player absolutely dominated the challenge and won the whole thing.

Apparently, Minecraft streamer Tubbo was able to find every single of these gift cards before everyone else and won the whole challenge.

Although this is not officially confirmed by MrBeast himself, the hashtag #CongratsTubbo is trending on Twitter, while fans and members of the community are congratulating the streamer on the win.

Several clips from Tubbo's Twitch stream are showing him celebrating after coming across chests that contain codes for the gift cards, which is another proof that he has indeed won the whole competition.

And while we are waiting for MrBeast to officially announce the winner, Karl, one of the members of MrBeast's team, seemingly confirmed Tubbo's achievement by congratulating him on Twitter.

Karl was the person responsible for sending hints to players after they've killed someone on the server, so we can safely assume that he knows the winner.

The winner will probably officially be revealed in one of MrBeast's next videos which will include all the juicy moments from the challenge and we will probably find out more about how Tubbo managed to find every single card before everyone else.

Now the only question remains: what will be MrBeast's next challenge?