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MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty Predictions, Barrier Breakers

The first MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty cards have been teased, and new features are on the way.
MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty Predictions, Barrier Breakers
Sony San Diego

With launch fast approaching, die-hard players are keeping their eyes on every bit of MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty news that filters out. The ultimate team themed card collecting mode is due to return, and every year a series of new features and adjustments refine the foundation that's already there.

They shook things up last year with the Sets function which eliminated power creep, but the implementation of it got relatively mixed reactions from players. With new details on the way soon, here's everything we know so far about MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty including the first card set they've revealed.

Updated February 27: Sony San Diego has promised a "Diamond Dynasty blog update" is coming on Thursday, February 29. 

MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty Predictions

Screenshot _31077_

As of now, there are two Feature Premieres still scheduled by Sony San Diego. One will land on March 7, and the second arrives on March 14 just one day before the MLB The Show 24 release date for early access.

In recent years, Diamond Dynasty was usually saved for last to be paired with an hours-long live stream that goes until the game enters early access. However, there's a chance the earlier one could see some Diamond Dynasty reveals as the same day they're doing an MLB The Show 24 ratings reveal.

With the Live Series still expected to flux throughout the year based on real-world performances, key details like this year's Diamond Club at launch could be announced at the same time. It's unlikely they'll remove the Sets function only one year after implementing it, but we could see broad adjustments or a new game mode without Diamond Dynasty for players to try.

MLB The Show 24 Barrier Breakers

Screenshot _31201_

The one thing we've already learned about MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty is that Barrier Breakers will be one of the first card themes this year. The image above was shown during the Negro Leagues Feature Premiere, and even without ratings these feel like cards that'll be unlockable for Diamond Dynasty.

To further confirm this, the bonus rewards for special MLB The Show 24 editions mention a "Barrier Breakers Diamond Choice Pack" that players will receive. The cards shown above may be tied to Storylines rewards, but the larger card set is sure to include many other legends who made history.