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MLB The Show 24 New Features, Game Modes & Latest News

Find out which MLB The Show 24 new features and game modes have been revealed.
MLB The Show 24 New Features, Game Modes & Latest News
Sony San Diego

With each Feature Premiere, we're learning more and more about all the MLB The Show 24 new features players can look forward to in this year's release. All the game modes players loved last year are due to return, but some are expanding and hopefully due for upgrades.

Here, we'll break down all MLB The Show 24 game modes and the new features that have been revealed so far. If Sony San Diego hopes to continue pushing this franchise forward, they have to deliver on significant MLB The Show 24 new features at launch.

Updated February 23: The latest Feature Premiere looked at the new Storylines: Derek Jeter experience and some of the legends it will include. 

MLB The Show 24 Game Modes & New Features


With launch day fast approaching, we've already learned how one of last year's top game modes is opening a new chapter. First announced after the cover reveal, Sony San Diego is once again deliver regular Feature Premieres on Twitch and YouTube that take a deep dive into what players can expect this year.

The first two dove into Storylines mode and the two historic paths that will be available to players in MLB The Show 24. As of now, the following reveals are still expected:

  • March 7 - Ratings Reveal Show & Feature Premiere
  • March 13 - Dev Tourney
  • March 14 - Feature Premiere

One of those is almost certain to be Diamond Dynasty, but there are even odds they pair it with the MLB The Show 24 ratings announcement or wait to tie those reveals into a lengthy launch stream.

Storylines: Negro Leagues Season 2 and Derek Jeter

The biggest addition to MLB The Show 23 was the introduction of Storylines, which started off with The Negro Leagues Season 1 spotlighting eight legendary players from Negro Leagues history. Last year, players learned about the careers of Satchel Paige, Hilton Smith, Rube Foster, Hank Thompson, Buck O'Neil, John Donaldson, Jackie Robinson, and Martín Dihigo. 

In MLB The Show 24, they're both following up on and expanding this mode. Negro Leagues Season 2 will feature ten different players, and we've got more details here on who they've chosen. There will also be a separate Storylines: Derek Jeter experience as the game mode expands to tell more stories throughout baseball history.

Franchise Mode and March to October

These two game modes go hand in hand, and Sony San Diego has hinted in recent years that a long-term Franchise overhaul was in the works. While not official, it does feel like March to October is simultaneously forming a baseline for a completely rebooted Franchise Mode in the future.

Reports around the launch of MLB The Show 22 indicated Franchise Mode was built on "legacy code," and hopefully a full reboot is on the way soon. Even if it works with the same framework as last year, a lack of new features would certainly be frustrating to die-hard Franchise players. 

Diamond Dynasty

We don't expect the formula to be changed drastically in MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty, but that might not be the case after this release. Sony San Diego made a big change by introducing a seasons and sets mechanic for Diamond Dynasty last year to eliminate power creep, but it's gotten mixed responses from fans.

They're unlikely to pull the plug on that upgrade this soon, but if it struggles after MLB The Show 24 then we may see more drastic Diamond Dynasty changes down the line. Diamond Dynasty modes like Conquest and Showdown are all expected to return.

Road to the Show (Career Mode)

As much as Franchise Mode may be hurting when it comes the background pieces, it's Road to the Show that's most in need of something fresh. The problem isn't that Road to the Show is bad, but career mode hasn't seen major changes in the last few years.

Whether that means more work on between the games action or something to spice up your climb to the major leagues, MLB The Show 24 needs some new features for Road to the Show. Fortunately, fans should learn whether Sony San Diego will actually deliver in the coming weeks.