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Cookie Run Kingdom - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Getting started in Cookie Run Kingdom can seem daunting. That's why we are here to help with this ultimate beginner's guide to Cookie Run Kingdom.
Cookie Run Kingdom - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom has a lot of different elements and gameplay mechanics for new players to learn, but most new fans get the hang of it in no time with the help of a guide. That's why we're here to help you out. 

Here is the ultimate beginner's guide to Cookie Run Kingdom, so you can learn how to play the game, set up your team optimally, and outperform the rest. 

Optimize Your Squad

Cookie Run Kingdom squad team
Choosing the right cookies for your squad is crucial in Cookie Run Kingdom. (Picture: Devsisters)

Winning in Cookie Run Kingdom is all about choosing the right team members for your squad.

In order to design a great squad, you'll need to know the different classes in Cookie Run Kingdom. 

Cookie Run Classes

The following types of cookies are available in the game: 

  • Healing
  • Attack
  • Bomber
  • Defense
  • Ambush
  • Ranged
  • Charge
  • Support

Having a carefully selected mixture of these types in your squad can help you smooth out any weaknesses on your team. Take care to create a team that is capable of doing damage, but can also sustain itself through support and healing. 

Best Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies

Now that you know the different types of cookies available in Cookie Run Kingdom, we'll also go over the best cookies for your team.

Depending on your playstyle, the best cookies for your squad can vary. But these are the best overall cookies for a general playstyle.

  • Dark Cacao Cookie
  • Caramel Arrow Cookie
  • Tea Knight Cookie

Many players have experimented with various builds on these cookies due to their popularity. For example, here's one players' Dark Cacao Cookie build created to counter the meta:

You certainly don't have to run all three of the powerful cookies we listed together if you don't want to. There are lots of ways to mix-and-match to create a great squad in Cookie Run Kingdom, as the video above shows, so test different teams to see which ones you like best!

Log In Daily

Cookie Run Kingdom gameplay
Cookie Run Kingdom rewards players for being consistent users. (Picture: Devsisters)

Cookie Run Kingdom is one of those games where you get out what you put in. The developers reward players for logging in and for actively participating in gameplay. 

You'll not only earn a Daily Bonus each day you log in, which will help you earn rewards to strengthen your team, but you may be able o earn additional rewards if there's an event going on. If you're a part of a guild, you'll need to log in daily to complete the daily guild check-in too. 

You can also complete three bounties per day, so it's best to take advantage of these for the rewards if you can. 

Join A Guild

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work! In a guild, you can earn unique rewards through Guild Battles, and, when active, Cookie Alliance mode. Players can also earn buffs to their cookies correlating to their guild level.

There's really no reason not to join a guild as soon as possible, so search for a guild that aligns with your playstyle. If you can't find a guild that suits you, it's not too hard to create one - and you can always invite a few friends if you're trying to get it started. 

On top of the gameplay benefits, joining a guild can help you feel supported by other players, and give you a place to ask veteran players questions or bond with others. 

Use Your Buildings Optimally

Your buildings are one of your most valuable tools in Cookie Run Kingdom, so don't underutilize them.

Always Produce

Ensure that your production buildings are always producing something. This way, you'll be producing as much materials as possible to propel you forward in the game. There's no reason not to have your buildings producing at all times. 

Through logging in every day, as we suggested earlier, you can check on your buildings regularly and make sure they're producing as they should be. 

Upgrade Buildings 

As well as ensuring you're always producing something at all times with all production buildings, you should also make sure you're upgrading your buildings regularly. This is the best way to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck and earning lots of valuable resources. 

Don't Neglect Story Mode

Cookie Run Kingdom story mode
Completing the story mode in Cookie Run Kingdom is necessary to progress and unlock other modes. (Picture: Devsisters)

If you're playing Cookie Run Kingdom for its PvP aspect, you may be tempted to avoid its story mode altogether in an effort to focus on PvP. While this may work for some games, it doesn't work with Cookie Run Kingdom.

To unlock PvP, you'll need to complete some of the game's story mode. You'll also need to play through parts of the story mode to unlock bounties and Guild Battle, so if you're devoted to Cookie Run Kingdom, you can't neglect the story mode.

Use Codes

Using codes is a great way to get ahead in Cookie Run Kingdom since they offer players special rewards, currency, and other prizes that boost users' accounts significantly. 

Devsisters releases codes pretty regularly, so even if you just joined recently, there are likely a few codes active for you to use. 

To see which codes are currently active and working, check out our article on Cookie Run Kingdom codes

Don't Waste Resources

Item and currency management is crucial in lots of mobile games, and Cookie Run Kingdom is no exception. Resources and nearly all forms of currency are somewhat challenging to come by, so be careful when spending them. 

Crystals are an especially valuable resource, so be sure to only spend them on things you absolutely need, even if it's tempting to spend them early game to get ahead. Otherwise, you may regret it later on in your playthrough. 

And that's all. For more mobile games news, guides, tips, and leaks be sure to check out our dedicated section.


Featured image courtesy of Devsisters.