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Epic Seven - The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide

Take your game to the next level in Epic Seven with our guide on the ultimate in-game tips and tricks.
Epic Seven - The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide

Epic Seven is one of the most popular RPGs currently on the market, and for good reason. The game is easy for anyone to get into, and the player spends anything to progress far into the game. But this doesn't mean that you won't benefit from some general tips and tricks to help you on your journey, and that's where this guide comes in.

We will be giving you the ultimate list of tips and tricks when playing Epic Seven and help you get further in the game as quickly as possible. And all without paying a single cent, the only requirement is that you follow the simple steps we've provided below.

Solidify Your Team

Epic Seven The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide Building a solid team
Building a solid team is vital to your survival in Epic Seven. (Picture: YouTube / Warbalt)

There are tons of choices available when you first start playing Epic Seven, and it this can be overwhelming at times. Many are tempted to swap and change teams as they get new offers, though we recommend against this. Instead, players should focus on building a team with different classes and specialties that can aid them not just in monster battles, but also against other players.

For instance, having a Knight in your front row, a Warrior, Ranger, and Mage in the middle row, and lastly a Soul Weave in the back to support the squad. Knights are the most useful in the front lines as they have the highest defenses in the game, and the Soul Weaver is vital for the back line to provide buffs and healing for when your team needs it.

Once you have your team balanced, you will find you can take on pretty much any opponent as your team can now compensate and adapt to any situation.

Progress The Story

Progressing the story is vital, since the further into the story you get, the more rewards and special items you will be gifted. It's also an important part of unlocking the additional features that you'll need to complete your daily tasks later on, so doing it as soon as possible will make things a lot easier later.

Epic Seven The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide Progressing the story
Moving through the story gives you rewards and unlocks later content in the game. (Picture: YouTube / Foreverlife)

If you're running the auto-battle system, be sure that you keep an eye on your heroes as they move from one area to the next to avoid missing any chests and other important items. Also ensure that you select a player supporter as this earns you friendship points, which can be used to exchange for items later on as well.

Take Part In The Daily Battle Mode

The Daily Battle Mode in Epic Seven provides players with various game modes where you can obtain tons of much-needed items and resources. For instance, The Hunt gives you three dungeons to choose from where the drops can be used for crafting equipment.

Epic Seven The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide game modes
Completing different game modes gives you tons of rare rewards. (Picture: YouTube / Samool)

There are other game modes such as The Abyss and The Spirit Alter as well, which give you tons of rewards and allow you to awaken your heroes respectively. So be sure to do as many of the daily battle modes as possible.

Join A Guild As Soon As Possible

This might seem obvious, but it's important to highlight the overwhelming benefits of joining a guild, such as being rewarded with brave crests and gold just for checking on them. Then there are weekly missions available for the guild to complete and be rewarded for in turn.

Epic Seven The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide Joining a guild
Joining a guild can also assist you in getting rewards and buffs for your characters. (Picture: YouTube / Warbalt)

So be active in your guild and provide aid and donation whenever you can to ensure the guild grows. Since the more the guild grows, the more it benefits you.

Perform A Daily Routine

To get the most out of your daily grind in Epic Seven, there is a recommended daily routine that you should take on which will give you energy, items, and rewards. As mentioned before, this is much easier to do once you have progressed the story as well.

Epic Seven The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide Daily Routine
Completing the daily routine we've outlined will help you stack items and resources efficiently and quickly. (Picture: YouTube / Warbalt)

Below is the recommended daily routine for Epic Seven:

  • Finish your Daily Reputation (Mission)

  • Spend 100 friendship points (40 energy

  • Spend 100 friendship points to purchase 5 Conquest Flags

  • Spend 30 conquest points to purchase 40 energy

  • Collect daily rewards from events in the game

  • Enter Labyrinth if you have a 3/3 Compass

  • Manage your Sanctuary

  • Check in to your guild, donate gold and aid if possible

  • Defeat an NPC Team in Arena

  • Find Huche and buy his goods (Charms, MolaGoraGo, Covenant Marks, etc.)

  • Use all 3 Abyss Entrances in The Abyss, and Purify if you cannot beat the next floor.

  • Take care of your Pet house and your pets

Visit The Shops Regularly

Visit all the shops in the game, from the regular store, and the traders you meet along the way to the Secret Shop as the bar on your main screen. This shop can also be leveled up by spending gold as long as you meet the account level requirements.

Epic Seven The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide Visiting Shops
Visiting Shops daily can also give you loads of free rewards and materials. (Picture: YouTube / Warbalt)

Each upgrade will improve the Secret Shops goods for sale, so be sure to check this shop daily during your visits to the other shops in the game.

Always Check Your Reputation And Mail

Check your Reputation and Mail whenever you see a notification as they can provide you with rewards that you can claim for free and it is always better to grab them as soon as possible. Checking your reputation often can also help you see which easy-to-complete tasks are available that you can complete for some buffs to your heroes.

Epic Seven The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide Check Reputation and Email
Checking your Reputation and Email will also give you free energy, items and rewards to upgrade your arsenal and skills. (Picture: YouTube / Warbalt)

Your Mail will contain your daily login rewards, free energy, and other gifts as well, so check this regularly as well. Each Reward will only stay in your mail for 6 days, so be sure to claim them as soon as you receive a notification to avoid forgetting them.

Reset And Reroll

Re-rolling is a system that most Gacha game players are quite familiar with and allows you to redraw your batch of starting characters if you don't like them by wiping your game completely. And thankfully, unlike the painful process, it usually is in other Gacha games, in Epic Seven, it's far more convenient to do.

Epic Seven The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide Re-roll
Performing a re-roll can give you chance to choose the starting heroes you want. (Picture: YouTube / Moga)

Simply log into the game with a guest account and if you don't like your starting pick, head to the settings menu and find the "Reset" button, which will reset your game and allow you to try again. And once you have decided on the team you want, you can link your email address or Stove Account and be on your way with the heroes of your choosing.

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