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How To Get Void Shards In Raid Shadow Legends

Here are some of the best tips you can use to get free Void Shards in Raid Shadow Legends to summon powerful Champions. Know the cost of Void Shards if you want to buy them.
How To Get Void Shards In Raid Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is still one of the most popular mobile games that you can play. Being heavily advertised and recommended, if you're considering jumping into the fray of RAid Shadow Legends, or you are already a player of the game, one thing you'll need to know how to do is to collect Void Shards.

If this is something you need some help with, then you're in the right place. Below we will be giving you some useful tips to get Void Shards in Raid Shadow Legends and how best to use them.

How To Get Void Shards In Raid Shadow Legends

Void Shards are a form of currency in the game that allow you to unlock more playable characters.

Your options for collecting the Void Shards are more available the more you play the game, and while they come in smaller quantities, there are a few ways you can collect them and make the total add up adequately.

New Player Login

How To Get Void Shards In Raid Shadow Legends Daily Login
Logging in daily for a moth can reward you with Void Shards. (Picture: Plarium Global)

After creating your account for the first time, you have three months in which you will receive a free Void Shard when logging into the game for the first time that day. Days 12, 29, 42, 54, 72, and 81 will reward you with a Shard and will likely introduce you to the Void Shard mechanics.

Daily Quests

By completing all the daily quests for that month, you will receive one Void Shard and one Sacred Shard as rewards for doing so. This can be done repeatedly, although it requires some extra effort.


If you have some friends that introduced you to Raid, you can gain three Void Shards when each of these referrals gets their character to level 30. This doesn't take too much time for most players to do, so this is a quick and easy way to get some free Void Shards.

The Campaign

How To Get Void Shards In Raid Shadow Legends Complete campaign
Completing the introductory campaign and getting a three-star rating will reward you with Void Shards. (Picture: Plarium Global)

Completing the introductory campaign is a fairly simple feat to accomplish for most players. When completed in either Normal, Hard, and Brutal mode gives you a few Void Shards when obtaining a three-star completion for each of them.

Events and Tournaments

For the more seasoned players, partaking in events and tournaments can award you with Void Shards as rewards for completing them. Though not all of them will reward you with the Void Shards specifically, it's worth keeping your eye out on the events to see when they do, and for newer players to grab some neat rewards at the lower level.

Arbiter Missions and Challenges

How To Get Void Shards In Raid Shadow Legends Missions
You can also complete various missions to gain Void Shards. (Picture: Plarium Global)

For newer players, doing these optional missions are a great way to get some great resources and items, with Void Shards being a part of the reward pool. These tasks aren't particularly difficult, so all players will be able to do them and claim the rewards they dish out.

Doom Tower

The Doom Tower is a repeatable challenge that you can unlock at level 40 and require a solid character level above 40 to clear the tower at normal difficulty. When completing a floor for the first time, you will receive some variable rewards which can contain Void Shards.

Clan Bosses and Fights

Getting Void Shards through clans is ideal for higher-level players and gives you two ways of getting the Shards; through bosses and clan vs. clan fights. In terms of clan bosses, you can only get Void Shards from BRutal level bosses and above, which makes it more challenging and increasingly necessary to level your character constantly to challenge the bosses.

In clan vs. clan fights, the rewards you receive are tied to the activity and progress of your clan. So take time to develop a consistent strategy with your guildmates and push to get as far as you can to reap the rewards.

Tag Team Arena

How To Get Void Shards In Raid Shadow Legends Tag Team Arena
Participating in the Tag Team Arena and defeating your enemies can give you free Void Shards as rewards. (Picture: Plarium Global)

You can also use gold to buy Void Shards, which can be done by getting to the Silver 1 tier in the PvP section of Raid: Shadow Legends. This then allows you to purchase a Void Shard instantly every few weeks for 15,000 Gold Bars.

This might sound like a lot, but for players who frequent the battle arena, you will gain tons of resources and gold to spare and use to purchase Void Shards.

Spending Money

Last but not least, you have the option of dropping some cash on packs in the store to get more Shards. The game rewards you heavily for spending money and pushes you forward, so if you have the extra cash to spend now and then, this is not a bad option at all.

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Featured image courtesy of Plarium Global.