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My Darkest Moment: Release date, pre-register, platforms, gameplay and more

The indie dark adventure game from Chillyroom has started pre-registration via Google Play Store.
My Darkest Moment: Release date, pre-register, platforms, gameplay and more

Chinese independent developer ChillyRoom has launched pre-registration for their upcoming dark adventure game, My Darkest Moment. A deviation from their notably colourful releases, including Soul Knight and Otherworld Legends, My Darkest Moment is a sombre and reflective experience that will be coming soon to mobile devices.

With pre-registration now live, details surrounding My Darkest Moment have been sparse. As such, here is what we know about the mobile game, including release date, game features, how players can pre-register and more.

When will My Darkest Moment be released?

The developers have yet to announce an exact release date for My Darkest Moment.

Nevertheless, we know that they'll be bringing the game to Android and iOS devices at writing, with pre-registration available right now.

How to pre-register for My Darkest Moment?

Pre-registration for My Darkest Moment is exclusively available to Android users via Google Play Store. Interested players can pre-register by navigating to the game's store page on the Google Play Store.

my darkest moment mobile game pre register my darkest moment mobile game pre register google play store
Pre-registration for My Darkest Moment is currently only open to Android users. (Picture: Google Play Store)

Otherwise, users can sign up using their Google account by accessing the Google Play Store page on PC via their web browser and clicking the "Pre-register" button. This process will redirect them to an external pre-registration page they will need to complete for the pre-registration process to be successful.

What is the story of My Darkest Moment?

Described as an "emotional solitude simulator", My Darkest Moment is about everyday life's pain, trauma, and suffering. Players control the protagonist, caught in a perpetual world between reality and illusions.

my darkest moment mobile gameplay
This dark adventure game follows the protagonist who's trapped between the realities of the world and their illusions. (Picture: Chillyroom)

According to the game description, the protagonist must "journey through bustling streets, trudge among crowds wearing masks, and step by step, walk into devouring darkness". This dark adventure game lets players decide whether the protagonist should confront their "authentic self" or live behind a mask.

What features will be included in My Darkest Moment?

Details are scarce at this point on what features we could expect from the dark adventure. However, if you're expecting long campaign missions, My Darkest Moment won't feature them. Instead, the developer outlined that the game is a "short story," so one can expect to finish the game in a single day.

For now, that's everything we know about the indie dark adventure game, My Darkest Moment from Chillyroom. We will continue to update the article with the latest news and updates from the developer as we approach the game's release date.


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Featured image courtesy of Chillyroom.