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PUBG Mobile Sandstorm has arrived on Miramar - How to survive

The PUBG Mobile Sandstorm is now live in Miramar, and there's even a 24-hour live stream to showcase its power
PUBG Mobile Sandstorm has arrived on Miramar - How to survive

PUBG Corporation has unleashed the massive Sandstorm on Miramar in PUBG Mobile, and it looks incredible.

The PUBG Mobile Sandstorm was added to the game in the v0.18.0 update on 6th May, and from today (12th May), players can experience its fury.


PUBG Mobile Sandstorm


A force of nature has arrived in PUBG Mobile. Miramar now has a Sandstorm, and it deals a tonne of damage to players caught out in the open.

The PUBG Mobile sandstorm looks incredible, as PUBG Corporation is doing a live stream to showcase its destructive power.



The 24-hour live stream runs from 12th May at 01:00 to 13th May at 01:00 GMT+1. 

"Witness the full fury of the Sandstorm as it rages over Miramar! Keep an eye out, you never know what you might miss if you look away for even a second."

Those tuning in to the live stream could get their hands on some freebies as well. PUBG Corporation has revealed dedicated viewers are "likely to walk away with a special surprise". 

You can also now experience the Sandstorm on Miramar yourself in the latest PUBG Mobile update (v0.18.0). 


PUBG Mobile Sandstorm - How to survive


The PUBG Mobile Sandstorm is live on Miramar right now, and it does a whole lot of damage if you are caught out in the open.

Our top tip would be to always have some Energy Drinks on you, and stay close to a shelter when the storm approaches. Stock up on some Energy Drinks at a Vending Machine when possible.


PUBG Mobile sandstorm miramar
Keep those Energy Drinks at hand (Picture: PUBG Corporation)


PUBG Corporation has shared four tips on how to survive the Sandstorm on Miramar:

  • Drive slowly while the sandstorm rages! Visibility is drastically reduced so you need to be much more careful!
  • Always be in range of shelter! You don't want to be caught out in the open with nowhere to hide!
  • Hydration is key, even without a sandstorm!
  • The sandstorm and high-speed winds HURT! You'll need to wear high-level equipment if you are repositioning during the storm!

Check out the 24-hour live stream for PUBG Mobile Sandstorm release. The stream runs until 01:00 on 13th May.