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The PUBG: Mobile secret map details and gameplay revealed

Get your first look at the PUBG: Mobile secret map gameplay from the beta.
The PUBG: Mobile secret map details and gameplay revealed

PUBG Corporation continues to improve on its extremely successful battle royale title. In the current beta, players have the opportunity to test the upcoming PUBG: Mobile secret map.

The PUBG: Mobile secret map seems to be a mashup of the existing maps, and it looks great even in beta form.


PUBG: Mobile secret map

Last week, the developers started teasing something on social media, hinting towards a new map with an intricate little puzzle. Now, the latest 0.19.0 beta update in China gives testers the chance to play on the PUBG: Mobile secret map.

YouTuber Rollexxx showed off over 20 minutes of gameplay on the new PUBG: Mobile secret map, which was retweeted by the official PUBG: Mobile Twitter account.



Since this is beta gameplay, the areas don't even have names yet, and there are bound to be some bugs.

The map looks amazing already, however, and you can see some diverse new areas, buildings, a waterfall, and much more. 

This is a 2x2km map, making it small in comparison to the other maps. At the moment, there's a player limit of 40.

The PUBG: Mobile secret map, in terms of looks, is a combination of the existing four maps. The map includes a tonne of loot crates scattered in different parts, which contain, for the most part, a fully kitted weapon. These include an extended mag, foregrips, and a scope.

Arguably the most interesting addition is a new Monster Truck vehicle, which allows you to drive over nearly anything, including those pesky boulders.

The new PUBG: Mobile secret map also includes some new water physics in the form of waterfalls, and touching the water seems to give players a bit of a boost.

Lastly, the PUBG: Mobile 0.19.0 beta update also introduces the P90 as a world spawn item, as well as an all-new shotgun, called the SPAS-12.