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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - All Master Rank Armor Skills

Here is a list of all Master Rank Armor Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to help you get the best edge in battle.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - All Master Rank Armor Skills

Using Armor Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a vital tool that not only gives you an edge in battle but can help you out when you find yourself in a sticky situation. However, with the vast number of skills available, choosing the best Armor Skills for your build can be difficult.

This guide will detail all the Master Rank Armor Skills available in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. All of these have been vetted and include a brief description of what they offer, so you can decide which will be best suited to your Master Rank Armor Set in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

MHR Sunbreak - All Master Rank Armor Skills

Below you'll find a list of all the Master Rank Armor Skills you gain from the Monsters in the game.

Spiribird's Call 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Spiribirds Call
Spiribird's Call provides a passive boost. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

This skill has a Spiribird called to you every minute or so, and you'll get its random effect upgrade permanently. Spiribird's Call is a fairly simple skill; still, passively gaining a permanent Strength boost the longer a hunt goes on is invaluable to any player, especially early game. 

The skill is not currently on Decorations, but you can find it on Talismans and Garangolm Armor. It's also worth increasing it to the doubled effect with Rampage Decoration, doubling its impact and giving you some solid returns. 

Charge Master

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Charge Master
Charge Master gives you a boost when using Charged Attacks. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Charge Master increases players' Element and Status Build-up of a Charged Attack when they land a Charged Strike on a Monster. This skill gives players with Elemental Charge weapons a solid increase in damage output, especially when leveled to its third tier. 

Grinder (S)

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Grinder (S)
Grinder (S) gives you a great boost when sharpening your weapon. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Grinder (S) grants a boost to Sharpness properties based on the weapon's number of levels recovered. This skill allows you to take advantage of weapons with different Sharpness levels and quickly gain more damage when you resharpen them.

So if you consume your white and purple Sharpness Bars and resharpen a weapon, you gain the extra purple and white damage bonus, plus additional damage thanks to the Grinder (S) ability. 


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Tune Up
Tune-Up gives Bowgunners a boost to their custom mods. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Tune-Up is a relatively straightforward skill for Bowgunners. It increases the stats of any custom mods you've attached to your Bowguns. As a result, the skill can give you some solid boosts if you have specific mods you want to buff. 


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Redirection
Redirection is a great skill for players who can time a Monster's attacks well. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

This skill allows you to perform a timed Switch Skill Swap as a Monster attacks you, reducing the damage taken and negating damage reactions. In addition, at Redirection Level 2, you gain the ability to perform a Swap Evade backward, recovering a Wirebug Gauge. This defensive skill offers a quick and easy maneuver to get you out of a tight spot. 

Chain Crit

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Chain Crit
Chain Crit boosts your attacks as you successfully land continuous blows. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Chain Crit gives players a gradual increase in their Attack and Elemental Damage with each hit they land on a Monster. Not only is this a powerful buff that keeps on giving, but fast-hitting weapons like Dual-Blades will be of particular benefit when using this skill. 

At the third level, this skill gives you a +5 Temp Attack and +5 Elemental Attack, and after five successful hits, you gain a massive stat boost. 


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Foray
Foray is useful when you use Poison attacks on Monsters. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

When you engage with a Monster affected by Poison, Paralysis, or Elemental Blight, you gain an increase in Attack and Affinity. Its highest skill rank level will net you a boost in Attack Power by +15 and Affinity by +20%. 

As a result, Foray lets players gain massive stat boosts and deal more damage overall, which makes afflicting Monsters with these status effects a more viable strategy than just being a damage-dealing ticker.


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Coalescence
Coalescence gives you a much-needed boost when recovering from Blights and Afflictions. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Players will gain a temporary boost in their Attack Strength after recovering from Blights and abnormal status effects, providing a much-needed boost when trying to evade a Monster afflicting these effects.

At its highest skill rank level, you gain an 18+ increase in Strength, an Elemental Attack increase of +4, and a Status Build-up of +15%. As a result, this skill can come in handy against specific status-afflicting monsters. 

Bladecale Hone

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Bladescale Hone
Bladescale Hone gives players a boost when successfully avoiding attacks. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Bladecale Hone is a passive skill. The in-game description reads: "Dodge rolling to evade an attack with your weapon drawn will recover sharpness, refill Bowgun ammo, or give Close-range Coatings a temporary boost."

At Skill Rank Levels 1, 2, and 3, it will activate 50%, 75%, and 100% of the time, respectively. This skill is perfect for players that love to avoid attacks and counters instead of taking loads of hits; the highest tier of this skill will be a massive bonus for your build. 

Wallrunner Boost

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Wallrunner Boost
Wallrunner Boost gives you an increased Wirebug recovery rate when running up walls. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

This simple skill allows you to increase the rate your Wirebug recovers when wall running. Again, a fairly intuitive skill, but when used can save you in those moments you need that extra Wirebug to make a daring jump. 

Blood Rite

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Blood Rite
Blood Rite gives you a portion of health back when attacking a Monster's broken parts. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Blood Rite converts a portion of damage dealt to any broken monster part into health. While this sounds simple, this skill confers a huge benefit to any player using it. So if you are dealing Boosted Damage, you will gain even more health back, meaning you spend less time healing and drinking potions. 


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Blodlust
Bloodlust gives you a boost when afflicted with the Frenzy virus. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

The in-game description of Bloodlust reads: "The effects of the Frenzy virus change. Health is gradually reduced, but you gain a variety of effects. Frenzy virus occurs regularly when in combat."

There are three levels to Bloodlust, offering increased Attack, Evasion, and Stamina Use Reduction. Combining Bloodlust with other skills (like Coalescence and Resuscitate) lets you gain critical status effects that deal insane damage.


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Furious
Furious gives you a Stamina buff when your Fury is built up over time. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

When using the Red Scroll, you will build up Fury as you fight Monsters, and switching to the Blue Scroll when your Fury is full grants you an Infinite Stamina buff for a short duration. On top of this, you gain a defensive and resistance boost on the Red Scroll. 

On the third Skill Rank Level, you gain a +30 Defense, all Resistances are boosted by +30, and the Infinite Stamina buff duration is extended. This skill makes you tanky while dealing insane damage and building Fury.

When switching to the Blue Scroll with the Stamina buff, you will become an unstoppable machine, especially with quick slashing weapons like Dual Blades. 

Mail of Hellfire

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Mail of Hellfire
Mail of Hellfire reduces Defense but increases Attack. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

This passive skill trades an increase in Attack for a decrease in Defense. While this is a big trade-off if you are a tanky player and want to deal some hard-hitting damage, this skill can be quite deadly. 

In its third Skill Rank Level, the effect is boosted, and your Attack skyrockets while your Defense and Resistances plummet. However, players who know to avoid damage and use the skill effectively can benefit massively from having this skill in their builds.


This skill gives you a different buff depending on your current Scroll. For example, the Blue Scroll gives +25 Damage, which scales to +35 if you stay on the Scroll.

This is indicated by the red Qurio flying around your character. The first Qurio represents the initial +25 increase, and each subsequent Qurio grants you an extra +5. The only downside is the skill will gradually drain your health over time; however, it's worth the massive raw damage increase.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak All Master Rank Armor Skills Dereliction
Dereliction is arguably the strongest Armor Skill in Sunbreak. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

On the other hand, the Red Scroll increases Elemental and Status over time. Similar to the Blue Scroll, it consumes your health over time. However, when performing a Witch Skill Swap, you can consume up to two Qurios for a massive health boost, almost nullifying the initial effects when used correctly.

Dereliction is a powerhouse for any player's build, especially on its highest skill rank level, giving you a boost to all attacks depending on the Swap Scroll you use. And if you can master the usage and health gain, you can become the ultimate damage dealer and have a quick source of health at any time.

That concludes all the Master Rank Armor Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. 

We want to credit the YouTube Channel RageGamingVideos for their analysis of these Armor Skills. For more of their great content, please consider subscribing to their channel. 

For more on the game, head to our section dedicated to the latest Monster Hunter guides, news, tips, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Capcom.