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How To Unlock A6 Anomaly Quest In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Here, we go over how you can unlock the new A6 Anomaly Quests in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title 2 update.
How To Unlock A6 Anomaly Quest In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak title 2 update, new Afflicted Monsters has arrived for hunters to challenge. These monsters guarantee new rewards to help you build new weapons and armor.

This means that through these monsters, hunters can craft new decorations and more by taking on A6 Anomaly Quests. But how do you unlock A6 Anomaly quests in this new Monster Hunter Rise update?

Unlocking A6 Anomaly Quests

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Anomaly Quests
Taking on Anomaly Investigations in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is your key to unlocking A6 Anomaly Quests. (Picture: Capcom)

When the original Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion was released, there was a lot of new content that dropped for everyone to enjoy. One piece of new content was Anomaly Quests and Anomaly Research.

Anomaly Quests are where monsters are set in stone and you hunt for a specific monster. Anomaly Investigations are where you build up research points to reach higher levels of Anomaly Quests.

With every Anomaly Investigation you do, you will gain points and possibly increase your Research Level. In the original update, the maximum level you could have made it to before was level 100.

Now the cap has increased to level 120. But to do A6 Anomaly Quests, you need just to reach Anomaly Research Level 111.

This sounds high but there are a few tips and tricks to increase your Anomaly Research level faster. It basically comes down to doing harder Anomaly Investigations.

For example, doing an Anomaly Investigation that requires you to hunt three monsters instead of just one will net you more research points. Also doing quests that allow for fewer faints or that have a shorter time limit will also net you more research points.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Anomaly Reserach Level
Here, you can see this hunter is Anomaly Research level 2 and needs 50 more research points to reach level 3. (Picture: Capcom)

Doing these kinds of quests will quickly increase your research level and unlock more Anomaly Quests for you to do. You will also be rewarded with prizes and equipment that will help you during your hunts as well, so doing Anomaly Investigations are well worth your time.

One of the Decorations you will unlock through Anomaly Investigations is the Bloody Jewel, which is specifically made to help you take on Afflicted Monsters.

Just remember that you do not have to reach all the way to level 120 in your anomaly research level to take on the A6 Anomaly Quests. Just make it to level 111 and you will be able to hunt the new Afflicted Monsters.

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All featured images are courtesy of Capcom.