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How to Tame Wild Spirits in Moonstone Island

Here's how to tame wild spirits in Moonstone Island.
How to Tame Wild Spirits in Moonstone Island
Studio Supersoft

Moonstone Island isn't just about growing crops, decorating your home away from home, and going on dates with fellow Island residents. You will also spend plenty of time fighting wild spirits and bosses in the game's many dungeons. 

Spirits in Moonstone Island work like Pokemons and Personas, who you can catch, tame, and nurture to fight alongside you. Every Spirit has a unique skill, which can be useful in certain situations. If you're going Spirit hunting, continue reading to learn how to tame wild spirits in Moonstone Island. 

How to Unlock More Spirits in Moonstone Island

Feed the Spirits to tame them. (Picture: Shreyansh/Studio Supersoft)

You can tame wild spirits in Moonstone Island by feeding them items such as Flax Seeds or Flax Flowers. During combat, instead of selecting skills, use your turns to feed wild spirits the aforementioned items. It may take two or three attempts, but the spirit will eventually start walking towards you and become friendly.

It's important to note that bosses can't be tamed. Every dungeon has its own boss. These are gigantic creatures that are incredibly powerful. Aside from the bosses, almost every spirit you stumble upon can be tamed. 

Once you have tamed a spirit, you can use your Medallion to enter the Pocket Dimension to manage all your Spirits. Partaking in combat will grant your Spirits XP, which you can use to level them up. 

That concludes our guide on how to tame wild spirits in Moonstone Island.