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How to Craft a Balloon in Moonstone Island

Here's how you can craft a balloon in Moonstone Island.
How to Craft a Balloon in Moonstone Island
Studio Supersoft

Crafting is one of the most important aspects of gameplay in Moonstone Island. From farming items like sprinklers and fences to traversal items like bridges and balloons, you will spend plenty of time crafting in this game. 

Balloon is one of the first items you need to craft in the game. Your broomstick breaks upon arrival in Moonstone Island, and to explore other sky islands and dungeons, you need another means of transport. The balloon is relatively easy to craft, but crafting it can be confusing since the game doesn't exactly explain what to do and where to go. As such, here's our guide, which explains how to craft a balloon in Moonstone Island. 

How to Get a Balloon in Moonstone Island

You need cloth to craft a balloon. (Picture: Shreyansh/Studio Supersoft)

You need three cloth pieces to craft a balloon in Moonstone Island, which in itself requires another material to craft - fibre. You can get fibre by cutting down grasses with your Scythe. There is plenty of grass on Moonstone Island, so you shouldn't have much trouble acquiring it. 

You need fibre to craft a cloth. (Picture: Shreyansh/Studio Supersoft)

Once you have sufficient fibre, go to the crafting menu and craft three clothes. Each cloth requires three fibre, so make sure you have at least nine fibre in your inventory. Once you have three clothes, you can craft a balloon. 

You can use the balloon to explore nearby islands. Simply head to the edge of the island to start flying. It's important to note that the balloon only flies in one direction, so you won't be able to use it to return to Moonstone Island. It's also quite slow, but it should serve as a decent transport until you have gathered enough resources to craft a broom. Since you're here, why not check our Moonstone Island Review?