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What are Spirits in Moonstone Island?

Here's everything you need to know about Spirits in Moonstone Island.
What are Spirits in Moonstone Island?
Studio Supersoft

Moonstone Island is a cozy life-sim adventure game in the veins of Animal Crossings and Stardew Valley with a little twist of its own. Instead of spending all your time tending to crops and decorating your home, you can actually venture out into the open world and explore dungeons, seek treasures, and tame wild Spirits. 

But hold up a minute - what are Spirits in Moonstone Island? Spirits are an integral part of the story and gameplay in Moonstone Island, and if you're planning to pick this up, it's best to have an idea of what and how Spirits works in this game. As such, here's our guide, which explains everything you need to know about Spirits in Moonstone Island. 

Spirits in Moonstone Island Explained

spirits moonstone island
Spirits are basically Pokemon or Persona that fight alongside you in combat. (Picture: Shreyansh/Studio Supersoft)

Spirits in Moonstone Island are the Pokemon equivalent of Pokemon games or Persona of the Persona games. They are wild but cute creatures you can find while exploring the open world. To tame a Spirit in Moonstone Island, you must defeat them in combat. 

At the start of the game, you get to choose one of the three Spirits,  which you can use in the battle to tame other Spirits. Once you have tamed a Spirit, they will start following you around like an adorable puppy. However, once you have more than one Spirit, it's best to take a break and sort them out in the pocket dimension.

You can manage all your Spirits in the pocket dimension, which you access by activating the Medallion given by your character's mother. Here, you can check the stats of each Spirit, feed them, ask them to not follow you, or let them go. You can also move them to a Spirit Barn once you have built one in the game. 

You can manage Spirits in the Pocket Dimension. (Picture: Shreyansh/Studio Supersoft)

Like in Pokemon, every Spirit in Moonstone Island has a different elemental affinity and can be of aid in specific encounters. Using a Spirit in combat will also increase its level and make it more powerful. 

That's pretty much everything you need to know about Spirits in Moonstone Island. Since you're here, why not check our Moonstone Island Review?