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Best MTG Commanders In 2023

Commander Format features a LOT of different commanders, but which ones are actually good?
Best MTG Commanders In 2023
Wizards of the Coast

Magic The Gathering has a lot of different formats, all of which have cards that are specifically great in that format. Commander has a much higher level of popularity when compared to other formats, though, and with that comes a lot more scrutiny. So what are the very best Magic The Gathering Commanders for your Commander deck? We've got all the dirty details, so get ready. 

Aragorn, the Uniter


Aragorn, the Uniter is one of the best commanders to come from Middle-Earth: Tales of Middle-Earth, and that's saying something because there are a whole lot of great Commanders in that set. Aragorn the Uniter is particularly great because of the huge list of abilities that it has to use throughout your turn. 

Firstly, whenever you cast a white spell you get to create a 1/1 human soldier creature token, which means you can really increase your ranks on the field. Next, if you cast a blue spell, you get to scry 2 cards so that you can prepare for future plays. The third effect deals three damage to your opponent whenever you cast a red spell, and the final effect gives any target creature +4/+4 until the end of the turn if you cast a green spell.

Isshin, Two Heavens As One


Isshin, Two Heavens as One might seem like an unsuspecting choice for this list, especially after the incredible amount of effects that our previous entry had. But the one simple ability that the card has could actually immensely boost the right deck, if you play your cards right, and that's why it made our list of the best Commanders in Magic The Gathering. 

Isshin, Two Heavens As One allows you to activate any effects that trigger on a creature attack twice. What this boils down to is an immense amount of card advantage or field advantage on your opponent if you play your cards right, and it all comes down to this small card.

Jodah, The Unifier


Jodah The Unifier looks like a fairly expensive Commander to cast at the outset, but that price comes with a number of pretty great effects. The first effect allows you to increase the power of any legendary creatures you want by +x/+x where X is the number of legendary creatures that you control, which can really boost your field if you play a lot of them.

The second part of this card activates when you activate a legendary spell. Whenever you cast a legendary spell from your hand you can exile cards from your deck until you hit a nonland legendary card with a lower mana value than the cast spell. You can then cast that card without having to pay the mana cost, which can lead to some utterly incredible combo plays if you build your deck correctly.

Niv-Mizzet, Parun


Do you like Dragons? Who doesn't like Dragons? As you might be aware, Wizards of the Coast is a huge fan of Dragons (and indeed, Dungeons), and this is a great Dragon Commander card. Niv-Mizzet, Parun is a legendary creature- Dragon Wizard that costs three blue mana and three red mana to cast. 

The card can't be countered at all, preventing your opponent from stopping you from doing what you need to do. It also deals one damage to a target any time you draw a card, including during your draw step, and you get to draw a card whenever a player casts an instant or a sorcery spell. This means that you can constantly get card advantage while also grabbing life advantage.

Atraxa, Praetor's Voice


Atraxa, Praetor's Voice is one of the best Commander cards in all of Magic The Gathering, and you'll probably know that just by looking at it. You see, Atraxa has four different keywords on it, all of which are incredible. There's flying, vigilance, lifelink, and death touch, all of which are incredible on their own but when put together make something pretty amazing. 

That's before getting to the actual effect, which allows you to proliferate at the end of your end step. What this means is that you can place a token on any number of permanents before adding a token to any creature already with a token, which can allow you to boost the attack of certain cards, boost the value of certain cards, or facilitate incredible combos.