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What is Cube Format in Magic The Gathering?

There are a lot of different formats in Magic: The Gathering. Cube is one of those formats, but what exactly is it?
What is Cube Format in Magic The Gathering?
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For those new to Magic The Gathering as a TCG, it's got what players refer to as multiple 'formats'. Similar to other Trading Card Games, you're able to choose from these formats to play with your friends, and often you'll see different tournaments being run for different formats. Each format also uses a unique ban list and a unique list of cards that you can actually play, making them diverse and different enough from each other to warrant playing. 

Cube is one of those formats and offers an entirely different experience while playing Magic The Gathering. But what exactly is Cube format?

What Is Cube Format?

Cube Format literally involves the player creating a Cube of Magic The Gathering cards. Usually, that's a collection of at least 360 different cards, though it can be increased. The Cube will be made up of a lot of different cards, sometimes themed, sometimes not, and you can use it for any kind of draft format in Magic The Gathering as a game. 

Cube Format is a very fun way to repurpose older cards that you aren't using so that they get more use, and with the differing ban lists, you can use cards that you maybe haven't used in a long time. 

What Does Drafting Entail?

Drafting is the act of taking cards that aren't pre-prepared into decks, which means not using starter decks or commander decks, and making a deck out of them. You're given a certain amount of packs to open, or you're given a selection of cards to choose from, and you have to figure out what works best together in any given deck before you're challenged by players who have done the exact same thing as you. 

The format requires you to be able to quickly understand how cards work together rather than understand how one particular deck works and needs you to become a true master of Magic The Gathering as a card game, rather than the master of one particular Magic The Gathering deck.