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MultiVersus Season 1 – How To Unlock All New Characters

MultiVersus Season 1 has officially arrived, bringing new changes and faces. Here's how and when you can unlock Rick & Morty in-game.
MultiVersus Season 1 – How To Unlock All New Characters

Update on 25th August 2022: Morty Smith is now a playable character in MultiVersus from 23rd August 2022. To unlock him, players can spend 2,000 Gold or 700 Gleamium to acquire him or use the Character Ticket to redeem against him.

Original article continues: Developer Player First Games has finally launched MultiVersus Season 1, following its delay early this month. Initially slated for release on 9th August 2022, the season release was pushed back by a few days with no official reason.

Regardless, the MultiVersus Season 1 patch update brings a much-needed rework to several characters, with plenty of game optimization. However, the highlight is the arrival of two new characters, Rick & Morty. Here's how players can unlock the duo and when they'll be available in MultiVersus.

How To Unlock All New Characters In MultiVersus

MultiVersus Season 1 will include two new characters from Adult Swim's popular animated series, Rick & Morty. The duo had been long rumored to be arriving in the game thanks to several leaks teasing their involvement in the free-to-play fighting game.

According to a tweet from the official MultiVersus Twitter account, Morty will join the roster of playable fighters on 23rd August 2022. Unfortunately, players looking to play as the good-natured grandson of Rick Sanchez will have to wait a while, but according to game director Tony Huynh, Morty is classified as an "Expert" fighter.

The latest Patch Notes for the game reveal that MultoVersus Season 1 will have a staggered release, with some content arriving on the launch day of 15th August 2022. This is possibly the reason why Morty's other half, Rick Sanchez, will be joining MultiVersus at a later date.

multiversus season 1 new characters rick sanchez morty content reveal
Player First Games unveiled a preview of content players can expect in Season 1 of MultiVersus. (Picture: Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games)

As such, the developer has yet to confirm when exactly the erratic mega genius scientist will be added to the game. However, the second part of the update will release in the coming days; Rick Sanchez may be added in-game towards the month end or early September.

How to unlock Rick and Morty

Regarding how to unlock Rick & Morty in MultiVersus, players may likely spend either Gold or Gleamium to acquire them. Additionally, players who have purchased the Founder's Pack have obtained a Character Ticket which they can redeem against a character, which in this case is Morty.

multiversus season 1 new characters rick sanchez morty character selection
Rick & Morty are the next playable characters added to the active roster for MultiVersus. (Picture: Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games)

While Gold is relatively easy to come by in MultiVersus, players would still have to complete as many matches to earn enough Gold possible to purchase Morty.

The developer has yet to confirm the in-game prices for Rick & Morty; we will endeavor to provide more updates once more reliable information is available.

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Featured image courtesy of Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games.