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MultiVersus Gold Coins - How To Farm And Get More Fast

Gold Coins is an extremely valuable currency in Multiversus that allows you to unlock new characters. Here's how to farm and earn it fast.
MultiVersus Gold Coins - How To Farm And Get More Fast

The open beta of MultiVersus, the new fighting game featuring characters from the WB universe, is now live on all platforms. MultiVersus is a free-to-play title, which means you will spend a lot of time grinding for resources and currencies to unlock various in-game items.

Gold Coins is one of the currencies in MultiVersus, which allows you to unlock new characters. As of this writing, you can unlock six characters through Gold Coins. They are - Arya Stark,  Batman, Bugs Bunny, Steven Universe, Velma, and Tom and Jerry. 

There are several ways to earn this valuable currency, and here's our guide that explains how to farm Gold Coins fast in the MultiVersus open beta.

How to Farm Gold Coins in MultiVersus

gold coins multiversus
You can earn 30% extra Gold Coins by inviting a friend to play with you. (Picture: WB Games)

Of all the different ways, the quickest or fastest way to earn plenty of Gold Coins in a short time is by inviting a friend to play with you. Doing so will not just increase the Gold Coins you earn by playing matches by 30% but also increase the XP you gain by 30%. 

The increased XP will help you quickly level up the battle pass, which is also a source of Gold Coins. Reaching level 2 of the free battle pass will get you 250 Gold Coins, whereas reaching level 11 will give you another 250. This shouldn't take very long, granted you're playing with a buddy and against bots. 

Another simple yet tedious way to farm Gold Coins is by leveling up all the available characters to rank 5. You will get 100 coins for every character that you level up to rank 5. 

gold coins multiversus
You can also Toast other people and ask them to do the same to earn Gold Coins. (Picture: WB Games)

Once you have earned your fair share of Gold Coins via the aforementioned methods, you could try another effective way. It also involves playing with a friend, so make sure you're always teamed up. 

Toast is another currency in MultiVersus that you earn through the battle pass and leveling up individual characters.

You can give a Toast to another player after a match as a good gesture, which will also get them 25 Gold Coins. Every time you Toast someone, they get 25 Gold Coins. If you're playing with a friend, you can ask them to do the same for you. 

There's also the possibility of matchmaking with a veteran player who is very generous with Toasts, but that would just be a coincidence. All in all, these are just a few ways to farm Gold Coins in MultiVersus open beta.

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Featured image courtesy of WB Games.