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MultiVersus - How To Taunt Enemy Players

Taunting is the best way to intimidate enemies in games. This guide details how to taunt and unlock all emotes in MultiVersus.
MultiVersus - How To Taunt Enemy Players

Warner Bros.'s latest fighting game MultiVersus features a slew of iconic characters from various popular comics, cartoons, and movies, including Shaggy from the Scooby Doo franchise, Bugs Bunny, and Batman. Of course, there are also real-life adaptations, like NBL superstar LeBron James.

But what better way would there be to honor your favorite in-game character than by flexing on your enemies? That's where taunts come into play! There are at least seventeen taunts available in MultiVersus, and this guide details how to activate and unlock all of them.

How To Taunt In MultiVersus

how to taunt multiversus console xbox playstation pc
Console players can use the D-pad arrow keys to taunt in MultiVersus. (Picture: YouTube / Gaming Library)

Taunting is a way to intimidate your enemies during a match and involves using one of your characters' emotes. If you're playing on the Xbox or PlayStation console, you can activate taunting using any of your controller's D-pad arrow buttons; however, PC users can activate taunt using the T, 2,3, and 4 keys on the keyboard.

You can activate the taunt mechanic at any point in the game; however, taunting will disable your character's ability to attack. In this regard, it's best to taunt upon defeat when your victory is secured. Or, if you're confident, you can bully your enemy mid-fight, albeit at your own risk.

How To Unlock All Taunts In MultiVersus

how to taunt multiversus console xbox playstation pc
There's a range of cool taunts available for each character in MultiVersus. (Picture: YouTube / Gaming Library)

There are seventeen taunts in MultiVersus, one for each character. You can unlock most of these taunts by purchasing with the in-game currency Gleamium; however, you must unlock others via the Battle Pass.

  1. Arya Stark Laugh: 350 Gleamium
  2. Batman Accidental Bomb: 350 Gleamium
  3. Finn Baby Dance: 350 Gleamium
  4. Garnet Tiny Car: 500 Gleamium
  5. Harley Quinn Bye Bye: 350 Gleamium
  6. Iron Giant Back Scratcher: 500 Gleamium
  7. Jake Ballet: 500 Gleamium
  8. LeBron James Salsa Dance: 500 Gleamium
  9. Reindog Tail Wag: 200 Gleamium
  10. Shaggy Shirt Rip: 500 Gleamium
  11. Superman Push Ups: 500 Gleamium
  12. Taz She-Devil Howl: 350 Gleamium
  13. Tom & Jerry Hurt Toe: 350 Gleamium
  14. Velma Dance: 500 Gleamium

Unlock via Battle Pass

  1. Bugs Bunny Dance: Battle Pass Premium (Tier 13)
  2. Steven Universe Starstruck: Battle Pass Premium (Tier 9)
  3. Wonder Woman Weight Lifting: Battle Pass Premium (Tier 4)

And that concludes our guide on how to taunt and unlock all taunts in MultiVersus. Check out the video below for a visual representation of all the available taunts.

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Featured image courtesy of WB Games / Player First Games.