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MultiVersus - How To Unlock All Ringout VFX Animations

Wondering how to unlock all the VFX ringout animations in MultiVersus? We'll explain how to get each one in this article so you can earn them all.
MultiVersus - How To Unlock All Ringout VFX Animations

Ringouts are a type of cosmetic in MultiVersus that allow players to take on a unique animation when their fighter is knocked out of the ring. While players do get some starter Ringouts, there are lots of these character-themed animations to choose from.

In their search for the perfect Ringout, players may be wondering how to unlock new Ringout VFX animations in Multiverse. Within this article, we'll list every single Ringout VFX animation currently available in the game MultiVerse, and explain exactly how to get each one.

MultiVersus - How To Unlock All Ringout VFX Animations

MultiVersus characters stading
Many characters in MultiVerse have a Ringout VFX animation themed after them. (Picture: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Most Ringout VFX animations require you to purchase a DLC or spend real-life money to purchase Gleamium or the Premium Battle Pass tier in order to earn them.

Still, there are some Ringout VFX animations you can earn for free in the Battle Pass, so everyone can use a special Ringout VFX animation if they spend the time to earn it. Here is every single Ringout VFX animation in MultiVersus right now, as well as where you can purchase them.

Ringout VFX
Ringout VFXs range from a plume of heart fire to a ton of Scooby Snacks rising up from the out-of-bounds area. (Picture: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)


  • PFG Multiversus – Founder’s Edition pack
  • PFG Team – Founder’s Edition pack

Battle Pass

  • That’s All Folks! – Battle Pass Premium Tier 2
  • Omega Beam – Battle Pass Premium Tier 7
  • Lasso of Truth – Battle Pass Free Tier 14

MultiVersus Store

  • Bat Signal – 1200 Gleamium
  • Cannonball – 1200 Gleamium
  • Dark Matter – 1200 Gleamium
  • FP’s Burning Love – 800 Gleamium
  • Jelly Bean – 800 Gleamium
  • Marceline’s Song – 800 Gleamium
  • Space Kook – 1200 Gleamium
  • Spike’s Bite – 1200 Gleamium
  • Steven’s Lion – 1200 Gleamium

The 3 Founder's Packs not only come with tons of bonus goodies, including the listed Ringout VFX cosmetics - they also come with Gleamium so you can purchase additional Ringout VFXs or other cosmetics you're interested in.

If you want a ton of cosmetics, go for the Founder's Pack, since you'll get all of the bonus cosmetics plus the Gleamium. If you're more interested in picking out the exact Ringout VFXs you want, consider purchasing some Gleamium by itself.

And that's all. For more MultiVersus guides, tips, news, and leaks, be sure to check out our dedicated category!


Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.