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How To Unlock All MultiVersus Characters

Learn how to unlock all of the characters in MultiVersus and increase your overall roster available for use in-game.
How To Unlock All MultiVersus Characters

MultiVersus is finally available for anyone to jump into, but as a free-to-play game, you'll need to unlock characters you want to play along the way. When you first open up the game, you'll get a few characters for use, but it's not immediately obvious how unlocking the full roster works.

There are 17 characters in total with the soft launch of MultiVerse, otherwise known as the open beta at the moment. The full roster is certainly going to increase over time, and the good news is that each and everyone can be unlocked for free. But depending on the methods you choose, time can be a huge factor.

MultiVersus - How to unlock all characters on the roster

Character Roster
There are 17 characters to play in MultiVersus. (Picture: WB Games)

Considering most players will download MultiVersus for free, we'll start with how unlocking characters works in the free-to-play version. Every character on the roster is available for free, but there are only some that are immediately available.

When you start the game, you earn one like Wonder Woman, and then there will be a rotation of additional characters each week. This should give you a good starting point for grinding in the game. With about four free characters, you'll have a good setup for grinding out Gold Coins.

Gold Coins are earned every time you complete a match and they are a free-to-play currency. You're going to need about 2,000 Gold Coins for each character unlock. Completing a match will net you about 100 Coins, so you'll have some work to do.

Completing the starter missions will reward everyone with an easy 2,000 Gold Coins for just using the menu and completing matches. Afterward, daily missions will be available for fewer rewards, but more coins is always worthwhile.

Unlock all the characters in MultiVersus through purchases

Founders Pack
Buy the Founders Pack to get some easy Character Tickets. (WB Games)

If you don't want to spend hours grinding, then your only other option is to pay with real currency. MultiVersus labels real currency as Gleamium and you can expect about 100 Gleamim to match $1. There is currently no way to earn Gleamium unless it's added to the Battle Pass down the line.

With some Gleamium in hand, you can buy all kinds of cosmetics or new characters in general. You can also use your currency to buy the Battle Pass and earn additional Gold Coins for more characters. Aside from the pass, there is one final method.

Anyone can directly purchase a Founders Pack for the game which starts at $40 and the most expensive version is $99. Each of these packs comes with currency and Character Tickets. These tickets will instantly unlock any character in MultiVersus and the premium pack contains a total of 30. That means at least nearly twice as many characters are on the way.

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Featured image courtesy of WB Games.