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NBA 2K21 gets scathing player reviews with gamers branding it a "2K20 DLC"

Another year has passed which means only one thing for certain - another NBA 2K has released. Unfortunately, it seems that this one isn’t what fans were hoping for.
NBA 2K21 gets scathing player reviews with gamers branding it a "2K20 DLC"

NBA 2K21 released on the 4th of September and it didn’t take long for the internet to find issues with the latest iteration of the popular basketball series. Already, the game is reporting Mostly Negative reviews on Steam, and those who have left feedback certainly haven’t been pulling any punches.

NBA 2k21 Steam review bomb
(Picture: Steam)

Over 2,300 users have taken the time to leave a review, and the majority of the feedback appears to be negative. The review that has been deemed most helpful by readers today indicates that 2K21 is simply a re-release of NBA 2K20, although others have more to say on the matter.

NBA 2k211 negative reviews NBA 2k20 DLC(Picture: EA Sports)

Looking at more reviews, there are several indications that the game is a buggy mess, with crashes running rampant in-game. Another user mentions that the MyCareer mode has had all its cutscenes removed, as well as post-match interviews and fan interactions, making the game feel less of a story.

Whilst some players are calling for fixes, others tell potential buyers not to waste their money on the game. Since this is the biggest basketball title on the market, many are torn between not wanting to support the product in the hopes of the developers getting their act together for future installments, and wanting to play the updated sports game.

NBA Reviews 2k21
(Picture: Steam)

Even those users who are reviewing the game positively know what they’re buying into. As seen in the above picture, fans of the game understand that not much has changed since the previous iteration, but when you’re paying for a full-priced, micro-transaction filled game, it seems greedy to ask for a full £49.99, or £79.99 for the Mamba Forever edition.

It’s an issue that many sports games fans run into each year. Until a major competitor arrives on the scene, or fans stop buying the games and spending their hard-earned money on in-game purchases, nothing is likely to change. A few negative reviews aren’t likely to stop those who usually buy NBA 2K games from buying this one.

NBA 2K21 gets scathing player reviews