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Why Is Brickley's Gym Closed In NBA 2K24? How To Get In

Chris Brickley's Gym is currently closed. In this article, we'll look at what we know.
Why Is Brickley's Gym Closed In NBA 2K24? How To Get In

Why is Chris Brickley's Gym closed? In last year's game, Brickley's Gym was open to all players daily to complete two drills, but this year, many players cannot access the facility, and nobody is sure why. Some have successfully gained access, only to have issues when trying to do so again. So why is the Gym closed? How do you access it regularly? Is there a fix? Here's what we know.


Is There a Fix to the Gym Being Closed?

There is no known fix at this moment, and it is unknown if it's a bug that will need patching. However, a few theories are floating around, the most prominent of which is that you can only play each activity once a week. 2K has yet to comment on the issue, so whether this is true is unclear. Many players are frustrated by this as it's hindering their progress in their MyCareer quests, so all eyes are on 2K to clear things up.


Whilst doors should always be open to allow global timezones entry, it's unclear whether or not, like its predecessor NBA2K 24, will allow players to access Brickley's Gym daily. At this moment, it looks like once a week. Stay tuned to to get all the latest NBA2K 24 content.