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NBA 2K24 Daily Spin Locations For Next And Current-Gen Platforms

Claim your free rewards at any time with our guide on the NBA 2K24 Daily Spin locations for next and current-gen console platforms.
NBA 2K24 Daily Spin Locations For Next And Current-Gen Platforms
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NBA 2K24 is jam-packed with engaging content to delve into between matches. One feature that's causing quite the buzz among players is the Daily Spins. These spins can shower players with a variety of free rewards. However, pinpointing the locations of the Free Spins can be a tad tricky, especially since their placement varies based on whether you're on a next-gen or current-gen console.

The reason for this difference? The brand-new design of The City in next-gen contrasts starkly with the revamped Neighborhood in current-gen, creating two distinct maps. As a result, the NBA 2K24 Daily Spin locations differ between the two. But fret not, we're here to guide you. Read on for an overview of where to find the daily spins for both versions of NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24 Daily Spin Locations: Next-Gen Consoles

nba 2k24 spin location next gen

To access the NBA 2K24 daily spin locations on next-gen consoles, players must first complete a quest to join either the ELITE or RISE affiliation. Start this quest by speaking with Chris Manning (for ELITE) or ShakeDown (for RISE) in The City. After choosing your affiliation, there are two objectives you must complete to secure your membership in RISE or ELITE.

Once your quest wraps up, it's reward time! At the base of The City, you'll spot two towering pillars symbolizing RISE and ELITE. They're placed on either side of where you first encountered Chris Manning or ShakeDown. The RISE daily spin location is right opposite The Rec, and the ELITE spin spot is situated across from the Theater.

NBA 2K24 Daily Spin Locations: Current-Gen Consoles

current gen nba 2k24 daily spin locations

Hunting for the NBA 2K24 daily spin on current-gen consoles? Begin by finding a directory in the Neighborhood, easily identifiable thanks to the banners hovering above them. Engage with the directory, then pick "The Castle."

Following this, navigate to the Galleria via the menu, and veer left towards the impressive building adorned with a mammoth glass snake. Fronting this structure, there's a water-encircled statue. Beside it, you'll spot a "daily prize" sign. Click on this to snag your daily reward. It's uncertain whether this requires completing a quest first, so please let me know if it does.

After securing a prize from the daily spin in NBA 2K24, head to the relevant store to redeem it. Some items might be up for grabs for free, while others might cost some VC (Virtual Currency). And always keep an eye out for fresh rewards as you journey through The City or the Neighborhood in NBA 2K24.