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How To Shoot In NBA 2K24: Shot Release Timing Explained

Are you looking to sink some buckets from beyond the arc? Well, you're in the right place.
How To Shoot In NBA 2K24: Shot Release Timing Explained

The most critical aspect of NBA2K 24 is getting the ball in the basket. After all, it is the game's aim, and what better way to do it than sinking a shot from deep? In this guide, we'll walk you through how to shoot and hopefully drop some 3's in the process.

There are numerous different shots on NBA2k 24; they are all initiated similarly by using either the Right shot stick, Square or X button. The biggest challenge when shooting is hitting the green window at the top of a player's shooting meter. If your timing is just right, there will be a green animation above your player, and your shot is destined for the net; miss that window or release too early, and the chances of making that shot decrease, especially for those players with lower shooting stats and badges.

The timing of shots varies between players, with each having their own style and release, so picking a team and mastering their timing is a good idea. If you're a MyCareer player, hit the practice facility or Chris Brickley's gym to perfect your player's release, which can be customised with over 100 variations. MyTeam player? Hit the Freestyle court to practice with all your starters to hone your shooting skills.

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