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NBA 2K24: Max Heights For Every Archetype

Are you curious to find out the max height of all starting positions? You're in the right spot.
NBA 2K24: Max Heights For Every Archetype

Let's be honest: in today's game, height is significant, although shouts have to go out to legends of the game like Muggsy Bogues; most players in the league are over 6 feet tall, and it's no surprise that most MyCareer builds are above this mark for most positions. In this article, we'll look at the max height for each position and discover if your player could be the next Manute Bol.

Max Height For Each Position

PG - 6'8" Point guards max out at 6'8". Although having that size may cause some issues with speed, the upside is your player will be effective around the rim and solid on the interior; grabbing defensive boards could also be easier at this size, think Ben Simmons.

SG - 6'9" Shooting Guards are slightly taller and could prove versatile with scoring ability in the paint whilst also being effective defensively.

SF - 6'11" Small Forwards top out at 6'11", which will be handy for crashing the offensive boards and driving the lane, albeit at a slower pace than a slightly smaller build.

PF - 7'0" Power Forwards come towering in at a mighty 7'0", which again will help on both ends of the floor for boards, blocks and baskets.

C - 7'3" Centers are no real surprise as the tallest players in the game; winning tip-offs, snatching boards and setting screens will be a breeze at that height, but as mentioned, the size does come with its caveats.

Which position are you looking to make a giant in? Is your build already on the tall side? Keep up to date with the latest content on Ginx.TV.