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NBA 2K24 Season 1 Rewards and Release Time

Let's look at what we know about Season 1 in NBA2K24.
NBA 2K24 Season 1 Rewards and Release Time

The time is almost upon us for the highly anticipated release of NBA2K24. Some fans may wonder when Season 1 will go live in-game and what juicy rewards will be up for grabs; well, look no further we have got you covered in this article.

Regular 2K players will now be familiar with the Season rewards that are a big part of the game. Unlockables up for grabs have included in previous installments various types of transport for navigating The City, a multitude of apparel to customise your MyCAREER character, Virtual Currency bonuses, and new player cards for use in MyTEAM.

NBA 2K24 Season 1 Trailer

First off, let's take a look at the season 1 trailer for NBA 2K24. 

NBA 2K24 Season 1 Overview

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for… NBA 2K24 and Season 1 have arrived, and with it a trove of new features, modes, and rewards for you to experience! Whether you’re exploring the Neighborhood on a Current Gen console or out in The City on New Gen, you won't want to miss what is coming in Season 1. Around every corner, you’ll find pristine courts inviting you to throw down thunderous dunks, unleash ankle-breaking crossovers, and prove you’re a force to be reckoned with. After each game, you’ll earn XP that will help you level up and climb the Season rewards ladder, allowing you to unlock MyCAREER and MyTEAM content with cross progression. From new events to exciting rewards and powerful MyTEAM cards, Season 1 is just the beginning of what’s set to be an action-packed year.

When Will NBA 2K24 Season 1 Go Live

Season 1 is expected to begin as soon as the game is released on Friday, September 8th, so ballers can begin the grind to gain all the great rewards available from day one. Just below you can see precisely how long you have to wait thanks to the countdown clock.

NBA 2K24 Season 1 Start Time

Much like NBA2K23, which launched its first Season from the game launch, the latest game will follow in its footsteps. Fans will surely encounter new challenges and rewards within the Season and can look forward to nine across the year, with a new season dropping roughly every six weeks. It's a safe bet that on October 20th, Season 2 will drop with more rewards and challenges to whet basketball fans' appetite.

NBA 2K24 Season 1 MyCAREER Rewards

"This year, the Seasonal progression track combines MyTEAM and MyCAREER into one linear rewards system. As you accrue XP, you’ll level up and, every time you do so, you’ll earn a free reward from both modes! In addition, you can earn 120 rewards with the Season Pass*."

"In Season 1, there’s a bevy of rewards for you to earn on both New Gen and Current Gen consoles, from Shot Meters, Emote Packs, and 2XP Coins to cosmetics, banners, and badges. At Level 40, you’ll earn a MyCAREER Gold Floor Setter on New Gen and an Extra Badge Point on Current Gen."

"This is just a sample of what’s available in Season 1 and we’re eager for you to get started. Reaching Level 40 is a badge of honor, but if you really want to prove yourself, join the 2K League in-game Become a Pro event starting October 12."


NBA 2K24 Season 1 Season Pass Details

Additionally, NBA2k24 is offering players the opportunity to gain further rewards via a Season Pass, which has three tiers of rewards to choose from.

Pro Pass ($9.99)*

  • Access to 40 additional earnable premium rewards
  • Four additional Season Pass Rewards (Automatically redeemed & separate from the reward track)

Hall of Fame Pass ($19.99)*

  • Includes everything in the Pro Pass
  • 15% XP Booster applied throughout the Season
  • 10 Level Skips immediately applied to the Season reward track
  • 1 Additional reward is automatically applied

Season Pass will be accompanied by 2 additional options:

  • Pass Upgrade ($10) – Allowing players who purchased the Pro Pass to upgrade to the Hall of Fame Pass (10 Level Skips will be consumed immediately after purchase and progress a player 10 levels beyond the level they are when purchase is made)
  • Level Skips ($1.99) – Allowing you to advance by 1 Level in a Season (Level Skips are immediately consumed upon purchase. A player cannot purchase more than the total levels they have left to progress.)

*NBA 2K24 Pro Pass and Hall of Fame Pass require base game, internet connection and NBA 2K Account.

NBA 2K24 Season Pass FAQ
In NBA 2K24, the Seasonal progression track will now combine MyTEAM and MyCAREER into one linear rewards system.

Now that you're up to speed with Season 1's launch, stay tuned for more NBA2K24 content.