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NBA 2K24 Shooting Slump Explained

Find out exactly what missing enough shots for a Shooting Slump in NBA 2K24 is actually doing.
NBA 2K24 Shooting Slump Explained

If you're playing through MyCAREER, it can be alarming when the NBA 2K24 Shooting Slump notification pops up. Between new additions like GOAT skills and more in-depth strategy required this year for badges, there's plenty of information for players to process.

Here, we'll go over exactly what the NBA 2K24 Shooting Slump means, why you're getting that notification, and how it will or won't impact your gameplay.

NBA 2K24 Shooting Slump Explained

NBA 2K24 Shooting Slump

One of the most valuable in-game displays in MyCAREER is the scoreboard in the top-right of your screen tracking player statistics and teammate grade. While the pure numbers are there, you'll also get little pop-up notifications explaining how your teammate grade and performance are playing out in NBA 2K24.

If you happen to notice the dreaded Shooting Slump in NBA 2K24, and the icon next to it has worried some players that a few missed shots were making it harder for them to mount a comeback. However, 2K Sports Gameplay Director Mike Wang has publicly clarified that the NBA 2K24 Shooting Slump notification is "just the game letting you know you've missed 3 shots in a row and your Teammate Grade is getting hit."

Wang went on to reassure players that "it doesn't affect your ability to shoot at all" and that they're already planning to adjustments for a future update. Based on feedback from players, the Shooting Slump pop-up will instead be changed to happen when players miss five consecutive shots rather than just three.

If you've run into a Shooting Slump in NBA 2K24 and are worried about getting back on track, rest assured that you need only stay focused on the game. Try to make some plays, snag a few layups to boost your shooting percentage, and put that slump behind you.