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NBA 2K24 Update 1.3 Patch Notes (25 September 2023)

Explore the latest NBA 2K24 updates. Dive into gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and more right here!
NBA 2K24 Update 1.3 Patch Notes (25 September 2023)
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Looking for the NBA 2K24 patch notes? You've got it! As 2K Games' latest entry continues to redefine basketball gaming—from reliving Kobe's iconic Mamba Moments to crafting your legacy in the scenic Neighborhood—it's crucial to stay updated with each game refinement. That's where we come in! Find the latest NBA 2K24 patch notes, news, and updates right here. Find the scoop on all the new gameplay adjustments, MyCAREER modifications, MyTEAM enhancements, and more to ensure your experience remains as immersive as ever. Let's dive in!

Updated on 25 September 2023: A new patch for NBA 2K24 is out. Keep reading for the latest details and fixes. Please also consider bookmarking this hub for future news and updates.

Latest NBA 2K24 Update News

Stay in the loop with the freshest updates straight from the NBA universe. Whether it's trades, standout performances, or behind-the-scenes scoops, this section delivers timely news to fuel your 2K24 gameplay experience. 

25 September 2023 - New v1.3 Patch Notes revealed

The next major update for NBA 2K24 has been announced on the official discord channel.

As we've seen previously this new patch is for NBA 2K24 on PS5 & Xbox Series X|S only.

Presumably, the new patch will arrive at a later time for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC players.

For the time being, although the patch notes for the v1.3 update have been revealed, the update is not available yet at the time of this post.

20 September 2023 - No Plans for Buffs or Nerfs Anytime Soon

According to Mike Wang, Gameplay Director for NBA 2K, there are no plans to buff or nerf anything related to on-court gameplay for a few months.

Right now it seems the team is only interested in game-breaking bugs or bugs that ruin the overall experience of the game. 

16 September 2023 - Just One More Thing...

14 September 2023 - Update Is Now Rolling Out
14 September 2023 - NBA 2K24 Discord Releases New Patch Notes

The official discord server for NBA 2K24 has released a new batch of patch notes for an upcoming update coming ahead of this weekend.

The new update will be released"soon", but is not available yet at the time of this post, with the update believed to be releasing later today (14 September). Likely the team wanted to fix a few bugs ahead of the game's free-to-play weekend on PlayStation consoles.

The full patch notes for this update can be found further down.

9 September 2023 - NBA 2K24 Update 1.2

A brand-new update for NBA 2K24 has been released (Update 1.2). You can read more about the full details, including all the new features and bug fixes, in the section below.

8 September 2023 - NBA 2K24 Launches Worldwide!

NBA 2K24 has officially launched worldwide. The game is available to purchase on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.


All NBA 2K24 Patch Notes

Seeking out the patch notes for NBA 2K24? You got it! As the game evolves to offer the best basketball simulation experience, we ensure you're well-informed about every change. Dive into the specifics, adapt your strategies, and maximize your on-court potential.


NBA 2K24 Update v1.3 Patch Notes

- Released 25 September 2023

Here are the details for today's NBA 2K24 next-gen patch update for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S.

Note: This update will be released soon, but is not available yet at the time of this post

Developer Note: We are continuing to work towards resolving the most user-impacting issues being reported. The team is currently working on an all-encompassing patch that will be releasing in early-mid October. That patch will contain fixes and improvements spanning the entire game, including a number of community-reported items that required a longer internal testing runway.


  • Tightened up perimeter defensive coverage checks to reduce "ghost contests"
  • Increased the make window size of open meter dunks


  • A number of fixes to overall game stability while in the City have been made to improve user experience
  • Resolved an issue at the end of Rec games that would send the user to the game’s main menu following a black screen
  • Functionality and stability improvements have been made to the Social Menu as we work to provide a more seamless experience


  • The RISE-specific Heat Check Booster has been adjusted to activate after 3 made shots in a row rather than 5
  • Fixed a user-reported issue that caused an indefinite hang when attempting to load a MyCAREER save • Resolved a rare issue preventing rewards from being received upon the completion of some quests, including Rebirth and certain Badge Perks
  • Closed a loophole that could cause issues getting through the offseason when attending practice after the final game of the NBA season
  • Made some adjustments to ensure that Flashback games can be played at any time during the NBA season


Old Update Patch Notes

NBA 2K24 Update 1.2 Current Gen Patch Notes - 20 September 2023

- Released 20 September 2023

Here are the details for today's NBA 2K24 current-gen patch update for PS4, XB1, Nintendo Switch and Steam.


  • On Court accessories should now properly display in Away games in MyCAREER.
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive an error code when attempting to complete quests in the "Tour De Force" quest line.  Players should now be able to receive the rewards correctly.
  • The Celtics Hardwood banner rewarded from the '64-'65 Boston Celtics Rivals match will now display correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where quest bars would incorrectly show the same progress when scrolling through the quest menu.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when transitioning from the Compare Player screen to flipping the coach card.
  • Player images should now be seen on the Clutch Time and the Clutch Time Online home screens after winning a Clutch Time Online game.


  • Adjusted the Season XP post-game reward to properly adjust with Teammate Grade.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a player could become stuck in 1v1 Ante-Up games.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when exiting the MyTEAM theater in the Galleria.
  • Several improvements in players' appearances in the Neighborhood when viewed at a distance.


  • Blazers should now appear when equipped.
  • Resolved an issue where multiple NBA and WNBA jerseys would appear as brown shirts when viewed/equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a player's torso to appear invisible when equipping a short-sleeved compression shirt with a jacket.
  • Fixed an issue where undershirts could appear as brown shirts to other players.
  • The waist and neck submenus now display correctly in the clothing menu.


  • Resolved an issue where the introduction overlay would not disappear if the user paused the game during the introduction.

NBA 2K24 Update 1.2 Next Gen Patch Notes - 14 September 2023

Here are the details for today's NBA 2K24 patch update for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S. 

Developer Note: We are working quickly to resolve the most user-impacting issues being reported. Feedback from the community has been quick and clear; we thank you. The patch we will release prior to the launch of Season 2 will contain a much broader set of fixes and improvements spanning the entire game.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing physics to break when using controllable rim hangs in certain situations


  • Numerous fixes to game stability in the City have been made
  • Resolved a user-reported stutter when playing games on the RISE affiliation courts
  • You can now properly join a friend in the Gatorade Rental Courts when using the Social Menu


  • Adjusted the Minimizer quest so it is easier for all player types to complete
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause a hang when loading into a MyCAREER save
  • Addressed an issue that could prevent advancement to the second NBA season • Resolved a hang when heading to the arena floor before NBA games
  • Michael Jordan can no longer be passed on the GOAT tier list before winning your 7th championship
  • Users can no longer apply the same Floor Setter to more than one badge.


  • Resolved user-reported issues with games played after playing Triple Threat Online: Co-Op games
  • Lowered the difficulty of Triple Threat Online: Co-Op games against the CPU to Pro
  • Added the ability to select a lineup before entering Triple Threat Online: Co-Op


  • Resolved a hang that could occur in the Trade Finder menu when exiting and re-entering under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Warriors to get rebranded incorrectly going into future seasons in MyNBA

NBA 2K24 Update 1.1 Patch Notes - 9 September 2023

Please note that the official patch notes are not yet available. These are unofficial leaks:

  • Gameplay & Mechanics:

    • Wallbacks have been patched
    • Shooting mechanics have been re-tuned for better consistency.
    • Improved AI decision-making both on offense and defense.
    • Added gameplay performance enhancements.
  • MyNBA:

    • Resolved an issue preventing MyNBA Online Leagues from saving and synchronizing recent activities.
  • Audio & Visual:

    • Addressed random audio cut-out issues in certain game modes.
  • Stability:

    • Introduced general stability fixes to improve the gameplay experience.
  • Miscellaneous:

    • Other minor tweaks and improvements have been made.

We have received reports that the download file size is approximately 1.5 GB on console platforms.

That's everything you need to know about the latest patch notes for NBA 2K24. As the 2K team continues to refine and enhance the basketball simulation experience, we'll keep this hub updated.