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Is New World Down? How To Check Server Status?

Not able to play New World? It might be down, check its server status here.
Is New World Down? How To Check Server Status?
Picture: Amazon Games/GINX

In New World, you sometimes will not be able to log into the game, and there can be multiple reasons causing it. A few of them are unwanted server issues, steam downtime, or scheduled maintenance, and in all of these cases, you will not be able to play the game until the server issues are fixed, or the servers are back online. 

If you are not able to access the game and wondering if the New World servers are down, find out the status below.

November 2 Update: We checked for the latest information on New World server status today.

Is New World Down Right Now?

Is New World Down? New World Server Status.
Is New World Down? New World Server Status. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The answer to this question may vary depending on your region and server. Sometimes, New World may be down for all players due to a global issue or maintenance.

Other times, the game may be down for only some players due to a regional or server-specific issue. Here is the server status of all the New World servers:

US West

  • El Dorado — Online
  • Isabella — Online
  • Leo — Online

US East

  • Castle of Steel — Online
  • Octans — Online
  • Valhalla — Online
  • Lilith — Online
  • Orion — Online
  • Maramma — Online
  • Pollux — Online

SA East

  • Artorius — Online
  • Devaloka — Online
  • Phoenix — Online

EU Central

  • Aaru — Online
  • Asgard — Online
  • Delphnius — Online
  • Hercules — Online
  • Nyx — Online
  • Abaton — Online
  • Barri — Online
  • Felis — Online
  • Kronos — Online
  • Antares — Online
  • Canis — Online
  • Fornax — Online
  • Nysa — Online

AP Southeast

  • Delos — Online
  • Sutekh — Online

How To Check New World Server Status?

The best way to keep track of New World's server status is to follow the official New World Game Status Twitter/X handle, where they update regularly about server issues, upcoming maintenance, or Steam downtime.

Apart from this, you can also go to the official New World Server Status website, where you can find out the status of each individual server.