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How many characters can you have per server in New World?

How many characters can you have per server in New World?
How many characters can you have per server in New World?

The launch of New World is now live and players from across the globe are venturing into Aeternum with their characters. 

While the servers for the game haven’t been the most stable, even prompting reviewers to bomb the Steam review page for New World, the players that have gotten through the queues are enjoying their experience. 

Although, much of the controversy surrounding New World does stem from the servers. Since players can’t get in on a popular server with one of the high-profile streamers or even on a less-populated one, they’re looking to other methods. One of these methods is trying to create a character on multiple servers so they can potentially skip the queue times. 

However, this attempt to circumvent the system won’t work how players envision. 

The limit for characters on New World servers 

New World character limit on server
New World is currently available for only PC. (Picture: Amazon Games)

In total, there are five regions currently employed in New World: NA East and West, Central EU, South America and Australia. Players can then choose from a wide list of servers in each of these regions. 

The more populated servers are NA East and Central EU but there is a good amount for all of the regions. Naturally, players will want make to their main account on a server in their region. However, with the queue times being what they are, players might also want to make a character on every server in their region to ensure they can get through the queue when they want. 

However, this won’t work, as players can only have one character per server. This means that players have to make one main account on a specific server/world. 

New World Server character limit
Players take their characters seriously in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Moreover, players can only have a maximum of two characters per region. So, for example, players can’t just go around making a character for each world in each server. For an NA East player, they can have two characters in two separate worlds in New World, but no more. Players can make additional characters outside of their region but that will result in massive ping spikes, making for an unenjoyable experience. 

So as it stands, players can have a main and alternate character but those characters won’t be able to interact with each other on the same server. 


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.