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What New World servers will streamers be playing on? Ft. Asmongold, Fextralife, and more

Want to join a server with your favourite streamer for the launch of New World? Look no further.
What New World servers will streamers be playing on? Ft. Asmongold, Fextralife, and more

The launch of New World is just over the horizon and players are abuzz with excitement.

This ranges from casual MMORPG players to high-profile streamers looking for the next game to dig their teeth into. During the closed beta of New World, some streamers even were invited to represent the game’s three factions: Syndicate, Marauders and Covenant. As a part of this, players wanted to fight alongside their favourite streamers and their chosen faction. 

However, this experience is increased by being on the same New World server as their favourite streamer. Prior to launch, the developers at Amazon Games have been kind enough to release what server every high-profile streamer will be hopping on when New World goes live on 28th September

Below, fans can find out what server they need to join to potentially see their favourite streamer in-game.

List of streamer servers in New World 

New World server will streamers be playing pon
New World releases on 28th September for PC. (Picture: Amazon Games)

To start, the developers released a way for streamers to submit their stream and preferred server. This way, fans of that particular streamer can find them and see exactly what server they’ll be on come launch time. 

In addition, the developers also listed how much of an impact the streamer will have on the server’s capacity. This is important, as some players might not want to wait in hour-long queues every time they want to play New World. 

For this guide, we’ll only be focusing on the top streamers that are planning to play New World when it releases. However, if you want to see the full list, you can check out New World’s website. As a note, every one of these streamers has a “Very High” impact on the server, so keep that in mind. 

  • StoneMountain64

    • Server: Valgrind (NA East)

    • World Set: Arkadia Ultra

  • Asmongold

    • Server: Olympus (NA East)

    • World Set: Arkadia Lambda

  • JoshOG

    • Server: Undecided 

    • World Set: Undecided 

  • POW3Rtv

    • Server: Jotunheim (Central EU)

    • World Set: Vanaheim Radial 

  • Rakin 

    • Server: Naraka (South America)

    • World Set: Nibiru Tau 


    • Server: Inferni (Central EU)

    • World Set: Vanaheim Ultra

  • SkipNhO

    • Server: Naraka (South America)

    • World Set: Nibiru Tau 

  • Fextralife

    • Server: Hades (Central EU)

    • World Set: Vanaheim Zeta

  • Towelliee 

    • Server: Ys (NA East)

    • World Set: Arkadia Psi

  • Honeymad

    • Server: Asgard (Central EU)

    • World Set: Vanaheim Zeta 

  • Pandatv 

    • Server: Yama (Australia)

    • World Set: Pangaia Eta

New World What server is asmongold on
New World is Amazon Games’ biggest project to date. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Those are the biggest streamers currently on the New World server list from most of the dedicated regions. Of course, there are hundreds of other streamers that have their server set for New World, so check the website for a full view. 


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.