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How to catch blue-winged serpe in New World

The blue-winged serpe is only found in one location of New World.
How to catch blue-winged serpe in New World
Blue-winged serpe is of the many high-level fish that players can catch in New World. Fishing has become one of the most popular trade skills thanks to its relaxing nature and possibilities for exciting moments. However, it can be frustrating for players when they’re looking for a specific kind of fish and they simply can’t seem to find it. 

This is the case for many players in regards to the blue-winged serpe. Although, it doesn’t have to be, as players can keep reading below for a full guide on where to find and catch the rare fish in New World. 

Catching blue-winged serpe in New World 

Blue winged sherpe new world
Fishing is one of the more popular and difficult trade skills in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

To start, players will need to make their way to Great Cleave. This is the only region in all of Aeternum that has the chance to spawn blue-winged serpe in its lakes and rivers. Of course, Great Cleave is a more advanced region, so players need to ensure they’re prepared for the trip. 

Once they arrive in Great Cleave, they can visit two separate watering holes. One is located in the very southwestern corner of the region. It’s the only lake in that part of the region and it’s clearly visible on players’ maps. The other location is a river on the eastern border of Great Cleave. Players will want to fish on the far eastern side of the river for the best chance to reel in blue-winged serpe. 

New world where to fish blue wing serpe
Great Cleave in New World. (Picture: FextraLife Wiki)

Also, players will want to make sure they have plenty of Firefly bait to increase their chances of reeling in the fish and to fish at a hotspot. These are spots that have a better chance of catching fish and are marked by fish jumping out of the water. From here, it’s all about the New World gods blessing players with luck to catch the fish. 

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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.