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New World fishing guide: How to fish, crafting fishing poles, bait, earning gold coins and more

We talk about how to do fishing in New World whilst sharing details on crafting fishing poles, obtaining baits, selling fishes and how fishing affects a company.
New World fishing guide: How to fish, crafting fishing poles, bait, earning gold coins and more

New World, Amazon's take on the MMO genre, has amassed a huge number of players, to the point that many have been forced into hour-long queues to get into their chosen server.

Those problems aside, the game has been well-received, rich in content and graphically impressive, many are finding the journey into Azeroth a rewarding one.

Unlike other MMORPGs that put you into the shoes of a protagonist's whose goal is to simply get level up and get "stronger", New World takes a more nuanced approach. The main focus of the game is setting up a company and building your own trade business.

That is where fishing comes into play. Whether you decide to join a company or create your own, you will need funds to take over settlements, manage them, your business and your company.

Fishing is one of the activities in the game that you can create a business around. You can sell your catch, salvage them for materials like fish oils and others, or you can cook and then sell them for gold. 

In this New World guide, we share everything you need to know to get started with fishing. 

How to fish in New World

New World fishing guide
Whenever you are near a water body, you will get a prompt for fishing. (Picture: Hritwik / Amazon Games)

To fish in New World, players need a fishing rod, a bait (optional), and a body of water. Thankfully, players can get all the items right after finishing the prologue. 

Assuming you have managed to get hold of a fishing rod and bait, go to a water body and press the 'F3' key to bring out your fishing rod. Now it's time to add bait. 

New World fishing bait
Bait menu showcasing different baits. (Picture: Hritwik/Amazon Games)

You can do that by pressing the 'R' key on your keyboard. Once that is done - hold the left mouse key to adjust how far you want to throw the bait (setting casting distance).

New World fish line
Cast the fish line by pressing the left mouse key button. (Picture: Hritwik/Amazon Games)

Wait till you get a prompt to pull the hook. Now press, hold and release the left mouse button to maintain the strain on the fishing rod whilst pulling the fish towards you. 

New World how to fish
Make sure the icon in the middle is not red, or the fishing line will break. (Picture: Hritwik/Amazon Games)

Once you have caught a fish or any other item, you will get a window showcasing your catch, its weight and a few other stats. 

Fishing guide New World
The heavier and rare the fish, the more coins you can get. (Picture: Hritwik/Amazon Games)

Now, you can go to a trading post and put the fish or the salvaged materials from them for sale, or you get cooking and make different dishes from the fish and then consume it or sell it for gold. 

After catching a few fishes and levelling up your fishing stat, new high tier fishing spots will pop up all around the map. You can use this New World fishing hotspots page to find out the best locations to fish based on your fishing level. 

How to craft a fishing rod 

New World how to craft a rod
Set up a camp by pressing the 'Y' key. (Picture: Hritwik/Amazon Games)

You can craft different fishing poles depending on your engineering level. 

Set up a camp. Press 'E' to enter the crafting menu and look for the fishing poles under the Survival Tools option. Obtain the required materials. You can hover on them to check how to find them. 

Craft a fishing rod
The fishing pole is available under the Tools section of the crafting menu. (Picture: Hritwik/Amazon Games)

At last, craft your fishing rod. The only difference between low and high tier fishing rods is the casting distance. You can also buy fishing rods from the trading post. 

How to get bait 

As we mentioned earlier, bait is optional while fishing in New World. You can use different types of baits to catch bigger fish. Or to increase your chances to catch a rare fish. 

You can craft bait using meat. You can obtain fishing bait from different enemies. And by scavenging the area near water bodies, flints, provision boxes and other similar things. 


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Featured image via Amazon Games.