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How to fast travel in New World

Navigate the regions of Aeternum by fast travelling is an easy, yet confusing process.
How to fast travel in New World

New World features a fast travel system that’s somewhat different from other MMORPGs, and players still aren’t sure how it works. 

Players know that a system exists in the game, but sometimes they’ll try and use the fast travel feature only to find that they have no locations to go to or that they don’t have the necessary currency. This can be quite frustrating, as there are no mounts currently in New World, leaving players to traverse the world on foot. Obviously, that takes a long time if players are visiting different regions. 

So to fix these problems, players should learn how the fast travel system works in New World. To understand the system further, players can keep reading below. 

Fast travelling in New World 

How to fast travel in New World
New World currently has an open beta ongoing. (Picture: Amazon)

When players visit a new settlement in New World, there will be a station that’s labelled as “Fast Travel.” The station looks like a spatula almost, as is seen in the video published by ConCon. 

Once players have found the fast travel station, they can interact with it. This will bring up a map of Aeternum, and from here, players can choose a location they want to fast travel to. However, the caveat here is players need to have visited that location before. This includes settlement inns and shrines across the world. 

The shrines are what most players will be fast travelling to in New World. As players navigate Aeternum, they’ll find more shrines that they can fast travel to later. 

How to fast travel in New World
Players can fast travel to shrines using Azoth. (Picture: Amazon)

Of course, this will require Azoth, a currency that many players have no idea how to get. We went over how to acquire Azoth in a previous article, but essentially, players earn more of it by completing quests. 

Fast travelling takes various amounts of Azoth, and players will need to determine if it’s worth using the currency to travel to a shrine or settlement inn. 

It’s unclear if Amazon Games will introduce a new way to fast travel when the full game launches, but as of right now, the only way is by using Azoth or recalling to an inn.

If you need a refresher on New World, make sure to check out our guides for the game on our dedicated section.