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How to get more Azoth in New World

Fast travelling can be a breeze if you have enough of that blue liquid. Here's where to find more Azoth in New World
How to get more Azoth in New World

Have you tried to fast travel in New World but the game said you didn’t have enough Azoth? 

The obvious question you have in your mind is “what’s Azoth?” The game never truly introduces it and players are left wondering how in the world they can get more of it. Since there are no mounts in the game, players want to fast travel more than ever. The one problem is that Azoth seems incredibly hard to come by.

Below, you can read exactly how to get more of the precious blue liquid in New World. 

Getting more Azoth in New World

How to get more Azoth in New World
Azoth has a blue glow in New World. (Picture: Amazon)

If you don’t even know what Azoth is, you can press Tab to open your inventory and look at the bottom right of the screen. There should be a bottle of blue liquid located there with a number beside it. If you hover your mouse over it, it will say the liquid is called Azoth and give you a brief description of what it is.

Essentially, Azoth is used to fast travel to various shrines around New World, reset your skill tree and is used in crafting to give your gear more of a chance to have perks when you craft them. The more Azoth you put into a piece of gear, the higher chance of bonuses being added. Obviously, Azoth is an important resource in New World, but players are stumped about getting more.

Currently, the only surefire way to acquire more of the resource is by completing quests. Not every quest earns more Azoth but the ones that do offer it as a reward give players around 20-30. This isn’t much, but it’s enough in the early game.

How to get more Azoth in New World
(Picture: Amazon)

However, as you level up, you’re going to need more of it. For a less likely way of earning Azoth, you can defeat enemies and hope they drop it as loot. This is by no means a surefire method to earn the resource, but enemies drop Azoth from time to time. This method really only works if you’re level 20 or higher, though, as level 20 enemies have a higher chance to drop it.

If you spot a level 20 or higher enemy with a blue glow, they have an even higher chance to drop the resource. This is somewhat rare but is rewarding, as you can earn more Azoth doing this than by completing 10 quests.