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Where to find Lynx in New World

The pesky mountain cats are easy to find once you know where to look in Aeternum.
Where to find Lynx in New World
One of the most common quests players can take from the town board in New World is to cull lynx. 

The culling of animals is a familiar sight to any player who has glanced at the town board for some easy XP and coin in the closed beta of New World. The quests generally don’t take too much time and offer some solid rewards for minimal effort. However, the culling of lynx has proved difficult for players looking to bank in on the easy XP method. 

Lynx are decently-sized enemies that vary in level. Despite their size and common sighting on the town board, though, they’re insanely difficult to find for some players. If you fall into this crowd and want to check off that lynx quest in your journal, follow the guide below.

Finding Lynx in New World

how to find Lynx location in New World
Lynx are found in specific spots across New World. (Picture: Amazon/GINX)

So far in the closed beta, we’ve noticed one specific spot that contains the most amount of lynx. The spot is located in the Windsward region but borders Monarch’s Bluffs as well. It’s located northwest of one of the Forts in Windsward.

how to find Lynx location in New World
The spot best suited for culling lynx is located where the yellow player arrow is. (Picture: Amazon/GINX)

It’s found directly south of some ruins that players need to go for the main story. The lynx are seen prowling the area and are near level 14, from what we could tell.

Players should be able to stay in this area and kill as many of the mountain cats that they need for the town board quest they’ve taken on. The lynx spawn in fairly quickly, so you shouldn’t have to stick around for too long, unlike with the sheep in New World

Lynx are also a solid way to rank up the tracking and skinning skill line. They drop some rawhide and red meat along with rarer items like animal teeth.