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How to find aged wood in New World

Put that Logging skill to good use in New World. This guide will help you to find aged wood in New World.
How to find aged wood in New World

One of the early quests that most players will receive in New World is called Lumberjack Needed. 

This quest requires players to go out in the world and collect 80 aged wood. However, up to this point in the story, many players have only been able to collect the standard wood that comes from chopping down young trees. This wood is used to create a plethora of materials and items in the game so the topic of aged wood never really comes into play. 

However, if you want to complete the Lumberjack Needed quest and make more advanced items later on in New World, you need to know where to find aged wood. Luckily, the process of finding it isn’t too difficult at all. 

Finding aged wood in New World 

How to find aged wood in New World
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To make it short and sweet, you need to hit 50 Logging if you want to collect aged wood. The Logging skill is levelled up by cutting down trees, so finding a forest and hammering down any tree you can find is the best way to power level this skill. You don’t even need to keep the wood you add to your inventory; you can simply discard it and keep rolling with the trees. 

Once you’ve reached level 50 in Logging, you can cut down Mature Trees. These trees are quite larger than the standard young trees but are found in the same area. After you’ve managed to cut down a mature tree, you’ll be awarded a certain amount of aged wood. To complete the Lumberjack Needed quest, you’ll probably need to cut down a little less than a dozen mature trees to reach the 80 required.

Cutting down mature trees is a great way to continue levelling your Logging skill in New World. The hardest part is simply getting to 50 Logging, which will take up a couple of hours of your time.