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New World
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How to find Boatswain Ambrose in New World

Are you stuck trying to find this NPC in First Light? Fear not, as they’re in a specific spot.

Upon first entering the First Light settlement in New World, players will likely be tasked with finding a couple of troublesome NPCs somewhere in the region. 

This quest, called “One Threat at a Time,” takes players to a beached pirate ship and small village, named Nyhart’s Anchorage, that houses many undead pirates and seafaring enemies.

Among these enemies are two NPCs that players must defeat to complete the quest and advance the story in First Light. The first NPC is Zebulon, a pirate captain that can be found in the captain’s quarters of the beached ship. He’s a tough fight alone, though, so if you can bring some friends that would be perfect. 

Once you’ve defeated Zebulon, you’re tasked with defeating Boatswain Ambrose somewhere in the village. However, the map marker isn’t too clear, as it says the NPC is in the wooden village but no matter how hard players look, they’re nowhere to be found. 

If you’re stuck on this quest, look no further, as we know exactly where Boatswain Ambrose is. 

Finding Boatswain Ambrose location in New World

Boatswain Ambrose in New World where to find location
Nyhart’s Anchorage in New World. (Picture: Amazon)

While the map marker for Boatswain Ambrose might bring you to the wooden village with a couple of buildings, you actually need to head directly underneath it. Head back out the way you came and make your way to the beach right before you cross the bridge to get to the pirate ship with Zebulon. 

Once on the beach, head to the map marker but make sure to stay on solid ground. You should see some caves directly in your view and that’s where you need to go. There will be an entrance to the cave right underneath the village and as long as you follow the map marker from here, you’ll find Boatswain Ambrose lying against a pole.

Boatswain Ambrose in New World where to find location
The caves where Boatswain Ambrose is located (Picture: Amazon)

The fight with them isn’t too difficult and will yield some decent drops once you’ve defeated the pirate. You can also find a chest near where the NPC was lying for more good loot.

So, to sum up, all you need to do is head to the caves underneath the wooden village to find Boatswain Ambrose in New World. Then, the One Threat at a Time quest can be completed.