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How to find Saltpeter in New World

How to obtain saltpetre in New World? One of the trickiest resources to find in New World is saltpetre, and here's how to get it.
How to find Saltpeter in New World

Have you tried making gunpowder in New World but are stuck because of one specific resource?

You might have an iron musket that was found or crafted during the early game and desperately want to use it. However, bullets are hard to come by out in the world, meaning you have to make your own. This presents a problem, though, as bullets are made from gunpowder and gunpowder needs saltpetre. 

In New World, saltpetre is arguably the most asked about resource, in the in-game chat. Players are constantly asking their world cohorts where saltpetre is in New World. Though, their question is rarely answered, as many others have no idea where to find the resource. 

Luckily, we know exactly where to find saltpetre so you can craft gunpowder and answer those players’ questions in the world chat. 

Finding saltpetre in New World

Finding saltpetre in New World
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Many players might have stumbled across saltpetre in the early going of New World. However, the resource is a bit hard to see, as it’s located on the ground and can be easily missed due to the spots it inhabits. 

Most commonly, saltpetre is found on the ground of caves. It’s located in deposits on the ground and can be harvested like any other resource. Although, caves are generally dark, meaning the saltpetre can be completely missed if players aren’t on the lookout for it.

If players do want to go out and look for it, they need to find a cave of some kind. Once in a cave, they can keep their head down and look for a whitish substance on the ground. This is more likely than not saltpetre. The amount of saltpetre players receives from the deposit depends on how large it is. A small deposit will only net players around 5 saltpetre while a large one can double that. 

Once you have the necessary saltpetre, return to a settlement workshop station and craft some gunpowder. After that’s done, you can craft some iron cartridges at the same workshop station, provided you also have iron ingots and linen. If you’re struggling to find linen, you can read our previous article.