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How to get poultry in New World

Poultry is one of the main sources of food for new players in New World.
How to get poultry in New World

Food sources are used in a variety of different ways throughout a player’s time in New World

While it’s, of course, best used in cooking or other forms of crafting, players will also need specific food for certain town board quests or other objectives given out by NPCs. One of the main food sources that these quests will ask for is poultry, which has some players utterly confused. 

Many consider chicken when thinking about poultry but there’s a distinct lack of chickens in New World, as players will notice. So the question remains, how can players acquire poultry in New World? They can find out by reading below. 

Acquiring poultry in New World 

New world finding poultry
New World released to mixed reviews on PC. (Picture: Amazon Games)

As you might expect, the way you can find poultry in New World is by locating the turkeys within Aeternum. Luckily for players, the wildlife creatures are pretty much spread out across every region within the map. 

While some locations will hold more turkeys than others, no matter where you are you should be able to find at least a few turkeys roaming around. They’re usually found at the base of mountains or out in the forests of Aeternum. 

To make this process easier, you can level up your Tracking and Skinning trade skill to level 25. Once at this level, you’ll be able to track turkeys using your compass. Their icon will appear on the map and you can track their exact location for an easy kill. 

New World finding poultry
New World has an expansive crafting system. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Just venture outside of whatever settlement you’re at, head into a forest or near one and several turkey icons will appear on your compass. It’s also worth noting the turkeys will respawn after you’ve killed them, so staying in one area with them will yield more turkeys. 


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