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Is New World coming to consoles?

With New World now available worldwide, players keep asking if the game will be launched on consoles in the near future.
Is New World coming to consoles?

New World has blown today, Amazon's first truly successful game, so much so, that many players have been stuck in long waiting queues trying to enter to enjoy the new MMO.

Now with the title released exclusively on Steam, many players are left wondering if New World will be available on any other platform than the PC environment, reaching consoles with the capabilities to run a game of this calibre such as the Xbox Series X or PS5.

New World capture
As of this writing, New World's player count is over 700,000 concurrent users. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Will New World be available on consoles?

Unfortunately, for all those looking to enjoy this title that doesn't own a high-end PC, the chances of a launch on consoles are practically nil, at least for now.

This is according to one of the tweets shared by the New World development team, posted on 14th March, where they confirmed there were no plans to launch the title on either current and new generation consoles, something that as of now hasn’t changed at all.

We must also note that at the end of 2019, Scot Lane, director in charge of the development of New World, made some comments about this matter in an interview for Eurogamer, giving his opinions about it and the reason for the decision.

"I love console development, I've made a lot of console games, [but] on this we're pushing the graphics as far as we can. That's one of the big things we want to bring to the genre: to make a different-looking MMO than you've seen."

"And I think our combat at scale: there's a lot of things we can push because as PCs get more powerful, it allows us to add more and more to it over time."

New World PvP
Thanks to its immersive PvP features, players can enjoy a lot of content teaming up with others in factions. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Although it’s not clear if Lane referred at this time to the power of current or older generation consoles, it’s obvious Amazon decided to bet squarely with the PC community, while their gaming cloud service "Amazon Luna" has gained some popularity recently.

Still, it cannot be ruled out that in the distant future it will be possible to see this MMO debuting on other platforms, as has happened with MMO titles such as The Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV, so only time will tell.


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.