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How to get steel ingots in New World

Upgrade your gear past iron in New World and really start to show off on the island of Aeternum.
How to get steel ingots in New World

As with most other MMORPGs on the market, New World has an expansive crafting system that is compounded with multiple levels of armour, gear and weapons. 

There’s light, medium and heavy armour that’s paired with one and two-handed weapons. Generally, players choose their weapon and armour of choice based on their build. Healers will choose a Life Staff and some light or medium armour while DPS mains will go with a one-handed weapon and medium armour. 

However, no matter your build, you’ve probably encountered some kind of iron gear in New World. Iron is the first material in smelting and provides heavy armour along with a wide range of weaponry. While iron is solid for the early game, many players want to upgrade as quickly as possible.

How can they do that? Well, the next level of material in smelting is steel, and down below, you can figure out exactly how to acquire it. 

Crafting steel ingots in New World 

New World Steel ingots
A steel ingot in New World. (Picture: Amazon)

Steel is the next tier above iron but is created at the same station, a smelter. Although, many players might be wondering how this is possible. If you come across a settlement’s smelter and don’t have access to steel, then it’s immediately confusing how to craft the metal. 

To craft a steel ingot, the settlement’s smelter needs to be at tier three, which can be progressed by players taking part in town board quests. Once the tier has been reached, then you can craft steel ingots. 

Of course, you still need the ingredients to do so. For a steel ingot, you need three iron ingots, two charcoal and a special resource. In this case, that special resource is sand flux, which you can find randomly in New World through supply crates and containers. 

WHat you need to make steel ingot New World
What you need to make a steel ingot. (Picture: Amazon)

Once you have all of the ingredients and the settlement you’re at has a tier-three smelter, you can craft as many steel ingots as you desire.

From here, you can make steel armour and weapons at a forging station or a new staff at an arcana station, provided you have enough ingots. 

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