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How to get thyme in New World

Thyme is a valuable ingredient, used in delectable savoury dishes like braised meats, fish and vegetables, which if found or grown can buff your character and party in a variety of ways.
How to get thyme in New World

The world of Aeternum is bustling with diverse plant life and fauna which can be a necessity to add to your inventory. One such plant is familiar to many food enthusiasts is the herb thyme. As such, harvesting this herb is an essential component when cooking food in New World.

By adding just a sprig of Thyme can do amazing things to your character or for your party if one was able to get their hands on it. If you know where to look, tracking this herb can be easy but for the uninitiated, we have found locations in New World that have an abundance of thyme.

Where to find thyme in New World?

Currently, there are several locations throughout the island of Aeternum where players can find and harvest thyme. Harvesting thyme and incorporating it in your cooking can improve players’ focus statistics; however, we narrowed it down to eight locations to harvest this herb exclusively in the Windsward region.

Windsward Watchtower

New World Thyme
First thyme location. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The first location for harvesting thyme can be found in the bottom right of the Windsward region, roughly near the Windsward Watchtower. For the exact area take the narrow path down from the watchtower where players can spot a few smaller structures in the vicinity alongside a mountain wall. It is here where players can harvest four thyme herbs.

Cooper’s Ranch

Where to find thyme New World windsward
Second thyme location. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Staying in the Windsward region for the next location, travel towards the Grenville area, left of the Windsward Settlement. Locate the start of a road left of Cooper’s Ranch that runs through this area where players can harvest at least a dozen thyme herbs hidden amidst some trees.

Fisherman’s Bend

Third Thyme location wandsworth
Third thyme location. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Players will travel to the left of Windsward, near its borders in Primrose. Here, a fishing location, the Fisherman’s Bend can be spotted which is neatly placed above the Fast Travel point. From this fishing spot, travel in the direction toward Primrose Farm for which you will need to look out for a large tree where they can find thyme ready to be harvested in nearby bushes.

Willette’s Homestead

Willette's homestead thyme
Fourth thyme location. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Next, travel not far from the previous location only this time, players are required to cross the river below Primrose Farm and the Fast Travel point. This will take players to Willette’s Homestead where players can find thyme between the top right of this location and the river near some bushes and trees.

Willette’s Homestead Crossroad

Willette's homestead crossroads
Fifth thyme location. (Picture: Amazon Games)

From Willette’s Homestead, take the path away from the location where a crossroad will be spotted. In the nearby terrain area, more thyme can be found close to another tree.

Buccaneer Creek

Thyme new world
Sixth thyme location. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Journey inland of the Windsward region to the area between Willette’s Homestead and the Buccaneer Creek. Look for an open field to the right of this location where more thyme can be found and harvested.

Thyme new world
Seventh thyme location. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Travel up from Buccaneer Creek along the main road where a building can be visibly spotted. Opposite this building to the right side of the road, you can find more thyme to harvest. There is more thyme to be found in this area near a tree passing downwards from the building.

Opposite Primrose Farm

Thyme in New World where to get
Eighth and final thyme location. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The final location is located in the area above the Primrose Farm. Close to the banks of the river, an open field can be found sprawling with thyme for harvesting.

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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.